SOGzilla Large & Small Folding Knives Review

SOGzilla Large & Small Folding Knives ReviewMany people who read my review know that I'm not going to recommend a knife unless I feel it's worth the quality or price it will set you back. When it comes to knife I like to judge not just price but quality and they both have to be suitable to the product your review. If I get a knife that's priced at $100 bucks but feels like it should be 20 well you guys know I going to say so.

SOGzilla Large & Small Folding Knives ReviewWhen I first started reviewing the SOGzilla Large and small I was not unaware of their price the larger one runs around $50 and the small will set you back $35 to $40 so when it comes to a affordable price they are in that price range but to be totally honest I was not expecting much form a knife in this price range but when I started using them I became quite impressed with how well they performed for the money.


SOGzilla Large & Small Folding Knives ReviewTasks I have used these knives for where vast anywhere from cutting rope to making dinner. I really wanted to see what these knives could take so I took them out and used them to baton wood and make fires and even cut trees things not everyone would use a EDC (every day carry) knife to do. I had some concerns with the knife one was the price being so affordable I was thinking they would not hold up to any hard use and the next was the handles being held together with rivets that it would become lose when they have been heavily used. Well I have to say I was very impressed at how well they held up in fact aside from being dulled from use and the coating starting to wear they were just like they came from the box which totally blew me away!

SOGzilla Large & Small Folding Knives ReviewI also tried to make the lock fail before I could in good conscience recommend a knife I wanted to make sure it was all that I said it was so I tried to pry and twist the blade trying to make it fail but was unable to do so. Now I didn't do anything I wouldn't do in everyday use. I could've made it fail if I wanted to take a bar and a vice and really try to but I use things you would use in everyday like prying windows and wood apart things like that I feel if it's not going to fail doing these things it's not going to fail under normal use but if you're going to do ridiculous thing to it I'm sure you can make it fail.The same as you could for any knife but under normal circumstances and use it will not fail at least the two I tried didn't!

Now one thing you need to know about stainless steel is it will dull faster than high carbon and I have noticed these two did but it's a trade off when it comes to high carbon over stainless steel because stainless has less need for maintenance to be done to it to keep the knife in top running order. But its softer where high carbon will rust if not oiled but high carbon will hold a edge longer and better then stainless steel so you need to keep these things in mind when buying a knife!

Now one concern people have asked was the fact that they were made in china and when people think of china they think low quality. I have to say from my experience I've had many products from china and they are ones I use every day but The quality is every bit as good as ones made here in north America and as a product from china you need to judge each product on a product by product bases but form my experience SOG products are top quality and from china or not I have never had a problem with their knives in any way and you can rest assured if I did I would be the first to say so!

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