Primos & Schrade Frontier Knife Review

Primos & Schrade Frontier Knife ReviewThe Primos Frontier is a knife that was designed in the traditional style used by voyagers and outdoors way back around the time Canada and USA where founded. This style of knife was one of the most used knives used around this time and still is used by outdoorsmen today.

Primos & Schrade Frontier Knife ReviewThese knives have stood the test of time because of their ability to do all and work well as a camp knife and hunting knife. The Frontier is made in that traditional style and most knives in this style ether had a wood handle or the better high quality ones had stag like this one.



Primos & Schrade Frontier Knife ReviewSome nice points about this knife is the handle stag has been one of the most natural and durable handle materials found in nature it wears well and naturally has ridges that give the handle grip. This knife is a joint collaboration between PRIMOS and Schrade to produce a quality hunting knife well still keeping it affordable which is what we are all look for.



Primos & Schrade Frontier Knife ReviewThe Blade of the Frontier is made from Stainless steel with a full tang and the total size of the knife is 10.4 inches with a 5.8 inch blade and over the years I have found that may knives with a blade that is around 6 inches are very useful as a main knife large enough to do the job but still short enough to do small jobs fine jobs like cleaning fish or deer.



Primos & Schrade Frontier Knife ReviewNow for the sheath which is made from a quality leather with very durable rivets and is one of the best leather sheaths I have seen very well made but I have to say I'm not a fan of all the rivets but it does make for a very durable and well made sheath and you really get the feel that it's not going to fail or fall apart on you. This sheath is also not made like most you see on the market there is only one belt loop which I believe is made this way because this sheath was made to be worn under the belt where the belt goes over the sheath then threw the belt loop makes for a easy design and holds your knife very close with little movement.

When you use the knife it works quite good in just about anything you're doing form making dinner to cutting trees to even cutting threw bone. The reason I feel the blade works so good for cutting hard materials like bone is the way the blade is made and how its weighted heavier near the tip like a parang or kukri now it's not the same size of them knives but the printable is the same the weighted tip allows you to put more weight to the cut with very little effort. To get the best of this knife it needs to be sharp you will find it hard to use when the tip gets dull but if you keep it well maintained you will find this knife a real joy to use.

Now I have to remark about the price I have seen this knife for everything from $170.00 to $70.00 so you do need to watch where you buy it and I feel the knife is not worth $170.00 but for around $70 but I would defiantly pickup one for 70 I feel this price is quite good and it would make a great hunting and camping knife for this price!

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