Smith And Wesson Outback Kurki Review

Smith And Wesson Outback Kurki ReviewWhen it comes to some Kukri's they can be incredibly pricey like the cold steel one which is around $400. For me and many others out there that price is way out of my price range but I do like the gurkha style knives so I have been looking for ones that where more affordable that you would not have to mortgage your home to buy one and the Smith & Wesson Outback is just such a knife.



Smith And Wesson Outback Kurki ReviewThe outback has the standard size of the army Kukri with a 12" blade but the handle of the Outback is much different. This handle is made from thick rubber which was the only thing I was worried about with this knife because under use the handle could wear down and come lose but after using it I can say it's not going anywhere and I have consulted other people who own knives with the same handle and they have had them for years with no problem so I think it's safe to say it's going to last.

• Blade Detail: Plain
• Blade Length (inches): 12
• Blade Material: 440C, Black
• Nylon Sheath/Lanyard
• Handle Material: Rubber, Black
• Overall Length (inches): 17.35

Smith And Wesson Outback Kurki ReviewThe Steel of this Kukri is Stainless steel 440c so it's not just like the army Kukri which is made from High carbon steel but this knife is also lower in price so that's something to think about and as a person who has used both and I feel for the money it's well worth trying out the stainless steel!



Smith And Wesson Outback Kurki ReviewThe scratch coating on the blade is not that great and will wear quickly and I have to point out the knife comes dull so if you use it right out of the box you will be disappointed in the performance but if you take the time to sharpen it this will greatly improve performance! Another upside of this knife would have to be the price which I have been looking and you can find this knife retail for around $25 to $30 bucks which is a very cheap price for such a great blade. I have to point out even if you got a year out of the knife it would be worth that price and I'm quite confident you will get a lot more life then that out of this great blade.

Smith And Wesson Outback Kurki ReviewAnother up point is the sheath this sheath is very well made ballistic nylon sheath with rivets and high quality Velcro closers and far excided anything I was thing would come with a $30 dollar knife I have seen $150 dollar knives that didn't even have a sheath this good so you can rest assured its good quality.



Smith And Wesson Outback Kurki ReviewSmith And Wesson Outback Kurki ReviewIf you're not familiar with the Kukri style knives you should take a look at them when it comes to a useful bush knife they come in more handy then other. This style of blade makes chopping go far smoother because of the knife being weighted heaver near the tip and the knife can also be use as a draw knife for making bows or any other application where you need to carve a spindle or flat surface.


Smith And Wesson Outback Kurki ReviewThe outback Kukri from Smith and Wesson has greatly surpassed anything I was looking forward for when it comes to this price in a knife and as a bush knife used for hacking away on trails and clearing campsites it's ideal and affordable so I would have no problem recommending it hands down as a great knife for the price!



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