Schrade Army 10 Knife Review

Schrade Army 10 Knife ReviewThe army 10 was one knife that caught my attention which looked in my opinion similar to a Ka-bar but there is something that I can't say come close to the Ka-bar. The first thing that I noticed was the handle it says that it's made form Kraton but the one I tested out feels more like it's made from rubber and the rubber is very flexible even flexes when you're using the knife and this is one of the things I didn't like about the handle feels like it could fall off at any point.

Schrade Army 10 Knife ReviewSchrade Army 10 Knife ReviewWhen you using the knife the handle really tends to get on your nerves and you can't really trust it over time I feel this handle would come apart very easy but there is a upside if you remove the handle and wrap the tang in paracord this will give you a far better handle and greatly improve the knifes performance and this can be done very easy because the handle is full tang and very well built.

Schrade Army 10 Knife ReviewSchrade Army 10 Knife ReviewThe blade of the knife is far superior to the handle and is very useable it's a 1070 high carbon steel and is very durable and holds a great edge. The Blade is probably the best part of this knife I's well made and works great no matter what you doing form baton to carving but I feel the handle and sheath really take away from what could be a very good knife. If they where to change the handle to something like a Micarta and add a higher quality sheath it would be definitely a quality knife to buy.

Schrade Army 10 Knife ReviewSchrade Army 10 Knife ReviewAlthough this knife retails for under 50 bucks and that does make it an affordable knife to buy. I feel if you bought the knife and made some small changes like the handle wrapped in paracord you could take a knife that is good to a knife that is great and for 50 bucks it would make a great knife to modify and play around with if you wanted to make it your own good for the money but would be better with a high quality sheath and handle.

Pros. Great blade

Cons. Poor quality handle and sheath

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