Smith And Wesson Boot Knife HRT Review

Smith And Wesson Boot Knife HRT ReviewThis is the new SWHRT1 knife manufactured by Taylor brand knives for Smith & Wesson. I have owned and use a few of these types of knives for a few years and I really find that the HRT models are very well built for the money and this model is the best one yet. This knife has a blade made from 440 stainless steel and not only is it well made but thick one of the thickest ones I have used in this line.

• Blade Detail: Plain
• Blade Length (inches): 2.5
• Blade Material: 440C, Black
• Carry System: Boot Clip Sheath
• Handle Material: Aluminum, Black
• Overall Length (inches): 5.75

Smith And Wesson Boot Knife HRT ReviewSmith And Wesson Boot Knife HRT ReviewThe first thing you notice when you pick up the knife is how well it's made and I have to be perfectly honest I was not expecting such quality and such a thick blade for around 20 bucks most knives in this price range tend to be cheaper quality and you don't think that a 20 dollar knife is going to be great quality like this one.

Smith And Wesson Boot Knife HRT ReviewSmith And Wesson Boot Knife HRT ReviewThe handle materials are made from Anodized aluminum slabs and this is a very durable material for a knife very hard to destroy but can be a little slippery when it gets wet. The knife is made to be used as a boot knife but can serve very well as a general use knife. The full length is 8 inches with a 4 inch blade whitch is great size for a utility knife. The weight of the HRT is a little heavy because of the thicker blade and the total knife weights 6.2 ounces but I have to say I wouldn't have any problem using this knife to pry or baton it's a very sturdy knife. The thicker blade also is ideal for penetrating thin metals and makes a very useful knife for every day carry.

Smith And Wesson Boot Knife HRT ReviewSmith And Wesson Boot Knife HRT ReviewAnother nice feature is the handle it's easy on the hands and the slabs are attached with screws not rivets which I really like so you can tighten them up if the handle should come lose. Most knives if not all of them around this price range the handles tend to be attach with rivets and this makes it very hard to tighten up the handle when the slabs come lose over time as most knives will especially ones in this price range.

Smith And Wesson Boot Knife HRT ReviewNow for the sheath although this sheath has not given me any problems or and signs of falling apart I have had others like it with the same rivets which makes me think it may in the future. But I have to say even if you need to buy another sheath this knife is worth it. The bottom line with this knife is it surpasses what I expected when it comes to a 20 dollar knife and if money is tight or you just want a second knife for a stash box or second kit I would strongly recommend it well worth the small price!

Pros. Low Price, Great Quality, Strong thick blade

Cons. Sheath may need to be replaced under hard use

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