GERBER Epic Knife Review

GERBER Epic Knife ReviewOne of the new knives for 2010 from GERBER is the Epic what first turned me on the knife was its shape which is similar to the ESEE Izula but the Epic is a little bigger and a little lower in price then the Izula. The Izula comes in at around $65 bucks but the Epic gives you that look for just $55 bucks and these days every penny counts!

Specs & Features

Open Length: 7.30"
Blade Length: 3.45"
Closed Length: 7.40"
Weight: 5.12 oz
Sheath: Rigid
Handle Material: Textured Glass-Filled Nylon
Bottle opener integrated into handle
Reversible pocket clip for right or left carry
Knife locks into sheath for secure tip up or tip down carry

GERBER Epic Knife ReviewGERBER Epic Knife ReviewThe Epic sets its self apart for the Izula because the blade is made from 7Cr17MoV and from what I can find out it's about the same as 440C stainless steel which is what I prefer when it comes to blades that will be used around water and will spend most of their time wet this way there is less chance of rust. The handles of the epic are manufacture from textured Nylon and even if it looks like plastic it's not this nylon is far more superior and durable and will outlast any plastic.

GERBER Epic Knife ReviewGERBER Epic Knife ReviewThe sheath of GERBER's knives are really something to talk about because let's face it few companies make a quality sheath. But GERBER when it comes to sheaths are at the top of the pack .I have used many GERBER sheaths and all are very well made especially the epic sheath which is Rigid Nylon which is a molded nylon that holds its shape very well and your blade is so secure that you can even mount the blade upside down without any worry about it falling out into the water when you're boating.

GERBER Epic Knife ReviewThe sheath can also be switched from right to left just by undoing a couple of Philips screws and switching the GERBER name plate for the clip and vice versa. Other nice features of this sheath are the ability to draw the knife very fast with one hand by pushing up on the thumb stud on the sheath and pulling the knife. So if you're using this knife as a emergency knife on your life vest you can rest assured that you can get it out fast when you need it. I have so many great things to say about the sheath because it's remarkably well made and of all the rescue style knives I have used and seen the Epic is head and shoulders above all others in quality and design without question!

GERBER Epic Knife ReviewThe Epic's blade is well suited to be used as a utility knife especially around boats and most of all inflatables. The blade of the knife has a very blunt point which helps when working around inflatable boats so you don't drop your knife and puncture your boat. I really like the way the blade is made thick enough so you can pry with it but has a edge that can cut just about anything you will run across on a day of boating. The design of the loop at the end of the handle is as a bottle opener but the back end of the knife is a ring which can be used as a point to latch this knife on a carabineer or there is a small indent which is great for striking a fire steel.

GERBER Epic Knife ReviewMany companies are moving to short 3.5 inch blades like the Epic because there size makes them not just useful at one task like hunting but also as every day utility blades small enough not to be menacing well still having a quality fix blade. Bottom line another high quality knife and sheath form GERBER.



Its stainless steel no rust, and fairs better in water especially in sail water
Blunt point safer around boats, and anything easily punctured
High quality sheath one of the best I've seen
Low Price

Cons: None

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