GERBER Yari II Tanto Knife Review

GERBER Yari II Tanto Knife ReviewThe GERBER Yari is named for the Japanese word Yari which meaning spear so you can see it does makes a great name for knife. What first caught my eye about the GERBER Yari II was it's in my favorite style tanto not sure why I like the tanto so much I think it comes from wanting something that doesn't look like any other knife I just like things different.

The second fact that I like the second edge for doing fine carving by putting your finger behind the knife you can use the tanto point just like a small plain or chisel for carving and if you don't like the tanto this knife comes also comes in the drop point so you can get it just the way you want.

Overall Length: 9.25"
Blade Length: 4.25"
Blade Style: Tanto
Blade Material: Crucibles CPM S30V
Blade Type: Tanto- partially serrated
Handle Material Type III Hard Anodized 6061 AL
Sheath Material: Glass-filled nylon lower with ballistic nylon upper

GERBER Yari II Tanto Knife ReviewGERBER Yari II Tanto Knife ReviewWhen I first got the Yari II there is one thing that really struck me and that was it come with everything to mount the knife not only the MOLLE clips or malace clips but even a mount so that you could attach it to a Kydex drop leg platform so your blade is snaps right into where your pistol is for easy accesses .The sheath of the GERBER Yari II has no faults in my eyes well made like all GERBER sheaths and the fact that you don't have to buy anything to mount it make it perfect in my book!

GERBER Yari II Tanto Knife ReviewGERBER Yari II Tanto Knife ReviewThe blade of the knife is a full tang which is not super thick but the thickness of the blade is perfect for a light weight fighting/utility knife. This model is the serrated version not sure if there is a plain edge from what I can find out but there is a plain point if you're not into the tanto and like all GERBER knife there serration are quite good not getting in the way a whole lot when it comes to cutting. I have found the serrations to be a bonus when it comes to a survival type knife because like I have said before they will keep sharp even if the rest of the knife is totally dull.

GERBER Yari II Tanto Knife ReviewI do like the style of the handle it looks a lot like the tread on my Canadian army boots which I like but The only down side I can find with the Yari II is the handle it's made of a aluminum. Now aluminum is one super durable material and the Yari handle is very well made the deep groves are ideal for funneling water and fluids away to help with grip but that's just it there is very little grip.


GERBER Yari II Tanto Knife Review I found the handle to be a little slick with water and animal blood and if you carry this knife for a long time exposed to the weather in extreme hot or cold weather the handle can become quite hot or cold depending on where you are. Now this is not a problem if you're wearing gloves it's a non-issue and if you're wearing gloves your grip is greatly improved especial if the gloves are leather palmed like tactical gloves. I feel because this handle can be a problem for some people I think it would be a great improvement to take the slabs off and replace them with micarta slabs like the old Yari and that would take the knife from having just one down side to none!

GERBER Yari II Tanto Knife ReviewThe Yari II cuts like a dream even threw small bones and trees even for a thinner blade it outperforms some of my far thicker blades and gives you a real feel that it's not going to fail because of its S30V stainless steel unlike some knives which flex and feel that they're going to snap at any moment. The Yari II makes a very nice complement knife to the GERBER Trident for a backup knife and if your love the Trident and Gerber you're going to really want to check out this knife as a backup blade!

Pros. Light Weight, High Strength, Top Quality Sheath, Many mount options

Cons. aluminum handle gets a little slippery when wet

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