SOG Twitch XL Assisted Opening Knife Review

SOG Twitch XL Assisted Opening Knife ReviewI been asked the question is there a Knife that has that cool look of a Microtech knife but without the huge price. So after searching for awhile I found one knife that had that same look but with a more affordable price. The knife is the SOG twitch XL

black on black now I know what some people are going to say that knife isn't the same as the Microtech "yes I know that" but it has a similar look that many people are looking for and the automatic opening feature as well and this automatic opening feature is not illegal in Canada so just about everyone can obtain and use these knives without taking the chance of going to jail.

SOG Twitch XL Assisted Opening Knife ReviewMost people in Canada know that Microtech knives are not very easy to get because they're classified as switchblades and as most Canadians know switchblades are illegal in Canada unless you're in law enforcement or military. The SOG twitch XL will run you around $100 bucks Canadian and as anyone who has looked in to Microtech knives they know they run anywhere from $500 to $1000 depending on the model. This price ranges is way out of most knife enthusiasts range so many are looking for a knife that has the same sweet look but with a price that most can afford.

SOG Twitch XL Assisted Opening Knife ReviewThe twitch XL comes with SOG's assisted opening technology which allows you to deploy the knife by just applying very little pressure to the thumb stud or lever on the backside of the Knife. I'm a great fan of assisted opening knives because you never know when you're going to need to use a knife and having the option to deploy the knife with just a flicker of your finger comes in handy more times than not.


SOG Twitch XL Assisted Opening Knife ReviewSOG Twitch XL Assisted Opening Knife ReviewI have been using SOG's assisted opening knives for a while now and I have been impressed with the fact that they have never failed. When it comes to anything with an automatic feature eventually you assume that it's going to fail but I can tell you right now and use these knives for years now and never have they given me any trouble or even the inkling that they're going to fail. This is why when I look to getting a knife I trust SOG I tend to be hard on gear and the fact that sold mine told up so well has been a large selling point for me.

SOG Twitch XL Assisted Opening Knife ReviewFor me the twitch XL definitely has a very sleek look to it the slabs of the knife are made of Anodized Aluminum that has been tinted black which gives the handle a feel similar to a river rock which I really like. Now the blade of the twitch has a black finish but the finish has an almost like mirror appearance.



SOG Twitch XL Assisted Opening Knife ReviewThe XL comes in two different models you can get the plane it's like this one or the Tanto which makes the knife looked even more similar to a Microtech. Now I'm not trying to say that the twitch XL is the same as Microtech all I'm pointing out is for people who don't have a ton of money but still want to have a sleek cool knife that the twitch XL is a very affordable option. The twitch is a little heavy maybe for some people because the makeup of the knife is entirely stainless steel and aluminum which adds a little weight compared to some other knives but as most people know these materials are far more durable and will last much longer time than plastics.

SOG Twitch XL Assisted Opening Knife ReviewThe one thing that I didn't notice till I actually got my hands on the knife was where the blade connects to the handle it looks like a very large bold but in fact it's actually the spring of the assisted opening mechanism which is exposed. I've never had any experience with this type of spring design but as I've been using the knife for a couple weeks now I don't see any problem with aside from when you oil the knife you have to make sure that you get any of the leftover oil off the outer spring because it will leak its way through and become a point for dirt to collect.

That Twitch is not like most SOG folders most SOG folders have the art lock which is a small pin that you draw back with your thumb to release the locking mechanism of the blade. The twitch has a very simple locking mechanism that has been around for a long time and that's a liner lock similar to a buck knife which you compress down with your thumb to release the blade. Just behind the liner lock there's a small toggle which lock is the locking mechanism for the twitch. This locking mechanism works two ways it both blocks the knife from being opened accidentally and it blocks the knife when it's open so it can't be closed unless you want to. The twitch XL is a knife that looks simple and sleek but in fact it's actually high-tech and it's all hidden. So it's well thought out design making it not just extremely functional and comfortable in the hand but a true conversation piece among friends.


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