Bark River Bravo-1 Knife Review

Bark River Bravo-1 Knife ReviewNow I want to point out right off the bat I have never been a fan of knives like these for me they tended to look too much like a kitchen knife so when I say I love this knife its saying a lot. the Bravo-1 from bark river is a knife that the photos don't do it justice you need to use the blade to really get a feel for how great it is.

Bark River Bravo-1 Knife ReviewThe Brovo-1 was developed from the bark river Gameskeeper when the U.S.M.C wanted a knife like the Gameskeeper but with some modifications done to it. the modifications that they made the Gameskeeper didn't take anything away from this great knife just made it better.



Bark River Bravo-1 Knife ReviewThe bravo 1 is truly a great knife in every way right down to the finest detail even the lanyard hole is a piece of steel pipe not just a drilled hole like you find on other knives like this. Now that I have had the chance to use the knife I would have to say there is only one down side that I can even find about this knife and that would be the convex edge many people my find it hard or complicated to sharpen but with a little practice you can easily learn how to sharpen it like all knives.

Bark River Bravo-1 Knife ReviewBark River Bravo-1 Knife ReviewWhen it comes to sharp the bravo 1 is probably the sharpest knife I have ever received in fact it's so sharp you can easily shave with it. I know people say that with a lot of knifes but this one is the real deal the blade is so well thought out and made that it works great even doing small fine tasks or hard tasks like chopping truly remarkable for the money!



Bark River Bravo-1 Knife ReviewBark River Bravo-1 Knife ReviewThe thickness of the blade is what struck me the most I was expecting a thin blade but the Bravo 1 is 0.214 which is about twice what I was thinking it would be. Now I went into the review not knowing anything about the Bravo 1all I did know was everyone had been telling me how great the knife was and I would have to agree with them 100% now that I've had a chance to give it a go myself! Some people have said to me that the knife sheath is nothing really special but from my experience with knives and there sheaths I have to say it quite good even thought the sheath is plain and strait forward and nothing fancy it does hold the knife very well even if its mounted upside-down and lets face it in a world where sheaths are a second thought these days this sheath is one of the better ones I have seen without a doubt!

Bark River Bravo-1 Knife ReviewOne of the nicest things about the bark river knives is they come in a wide range of configuration so you can get the Bravo 1 just the way you want. You can pick handles in just about every material you would ever want from this plain black Micarta to fine woods like walnut and stag horn.



Bark River Bravo-1 Knife Reviewthe bottom line with the bark river Bravo 1 is a great traditional style knife for whatever your doing from hunting, bushcraft or survival and if you're looking for a traditional looking knife with very high quality in mind for around $200 this is one I would not pass up taking a hard look at it's outstanding in every way!



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