SOG Tsunami Tanto Knife Review

SOG Tsunami Tanto Knife ReviewWhen I first seen the SOG Tsunami I was expecting a much thicker knife but once I had my hands on it I found it to be much thinner then I first anticipated. Although the knife is not super thick I have found it to be fair better than I thought it would be. When doing any chopping or hard use the blade would flex just a little but that was it never showed any signs that it was going to fail which I was very pleased with.

SOG Tsunami Tanto Knife ReviewThe SOG Tsunami comes in two models the Satin finish and the black TiNi but me myself I prefer the black. The handle of the Tsunami you will find is similar to the pentagon and North West ranger designed with a hourglass shaper and no pummel. I personally love this style of handle because of the fact of no mater which way you hold the knife it feels the same some knifes you buy have weird handle which make it next to impossible to hold the knife in different grips but the Tsunami handle Is great.

SOG Tsunami Tanto Knife ReviewI have only one complaint with the handle the model I tested out had a miss pressed lanyard hole but this didn't affect the knife it any way and was mostly cosmetic. The handle if the Tsunami was extremely grippe I was quite pleased with the rubber like materials used in the handle well it's not rubber its Kraton a material that feels like rubber but is far more durable.


SOG Tsunami Tanto Knife ReviewThe next important part to point out is when it comes to knives like this many companies make them without any hilt to protect the hand from sliding up the blade when you trying to drive the blade threw something but SOG has included a small guard that servers to keep your hand in place but is not overly large to interfere with the use of the knife.



SOG Tsunami Tanto Knife ReviewSOG Tsunami Tanto Knife ReviewThe sheath of the Tsunami is the same one use by the SEAL PUP and SEAL Elite a MOLLE Nylon which has attachments for your vest, pack or belt this design of sheath is one of the best I have seen and most versatile. When it comes to mounting you can mount this knife upside down on your belt or any gear that is MOLLE compatible and these SOG sheaths are exceptional for a stock knife sheath when many other company are just throwing anything in with their knifes SOG doesn't.


SOG Tsunami Tanto Knife ReviewNow for the blade its self the design of the blade has a very similar look to the end of a katana or "Samurai Sword" with its tanto tip and slightly upward sloping blade this design make the knife very efficient when it comes to slashing. I have said it before and I will say it again the coating that sog is putting on their knifes are some of the best I have seen I own other knifes like the SOG Aegis with this coating and the Aegis is one I use all the time and the coating is still holding up with very little wear even though I have used it every day for over a year now. Although the Tsunami is designed to be a fighter like many other fighters it makes a great field knife. I have used it to baton wood and other tasks which I usually use a much heavier blade but the Tsunami didn't disappoint me in any way so don't let the light weight of the knife fool you its defiantly a sleeper when it comes to performance!

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