DAJO Survivor Survival Knife Review

DAJO Survivor Survival Knife ReviewI was turned onto this knife by a buddy so I thought I would review it. The main theme with this knife is to be light well still being useful. This little knife is a nice light all in one bare bones survival tool for someone who wants to go fast and light.

DAJO Survivor Survival Knife ReviewThe kit consist of a whistle, firesteel and knife now i want to start with the firesteel this is a true high quality firesteel by "light my fire" a Swedish firesteel maker and i have bought one of these firesteels and paid nearly 15 bucks for it so there not cheap or low quality in anyway.



DAJO Survivor Survival Knife ReviewNext is the sheath which also surprise me now these knives are around $30 to $40 bucks but what you're getting for that kinda money is a lot. The sheath has mounting points which allows you to carry it horizontal or vertical making it very versatile when it comes to carrying. It also comes with 5 feet of cord now it's not paracord but it's still very useful if you should find yourself lost in the woods. On the front is a fold out pocket which houses your firesteel and whistle and that brings me to the next thing I want to talk about.

DAJO Survivor Survival Knife ReviewDAJO Survivor Survival Knife ReviewThe whistle most people think a whistle is sissy like or girly and no real outdoorsmen would carry one but this is not the cases I carry one and so do anyone who knows how useful one can be. When you're lost in the woods and calling for help your voice will only last for so long and the sound will only carry a short ways but with a whistle you can call for help for days without losing your voice and the sound can be carried way farther than just yelling.

DAJO Survivor Survival Knife ReviewNow let's talk about the knife its self although this pack is low in price you do get quite a great knife. The knife is designed to be as light as possible well still being a truly useful blade. The steel in the knife I was expecting to be very cheap but I am happy to say it's not. The steel is similar to 440 stainless but harder so it does hold a great edge and the handle slabs are not cheap plastic there G 10 slabs which you find on much more expensive blades. I would have liked to see the slabs put on with screws not rivets this would allow you to tighten it up if it should ever come lose.

DAJO Survivor Survival Knife ReviewThe knife is skeletonized to cut down on weight and some knives can be very hard on the hands when it comes to the cutouts but this one is surprisingly comfortable. This knife also has a small slot on the back of the blade which makes using the firesteel very easy and you don't have to damage your blade edge to strike it which l like!



DAJO Survivor Survival Knife ReviewThe steel is made in china and many may have a problem with that but I am judging the knife by how it works not by where it's made as I do for all products and the most important thing to me is it works as advertized and it does!



Although this knife may not be something a very hardcore survival person would carry I feel it's ideal for backpackers, campers and people who are just starting out giving them everything to use right out of the box and for around 30 bucks you can't beat it!

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