Ontario Ranger Knives RD4 Review

Ontario Ranger Knives RD-4 ReviewIn case you didn't notice this version of the RD series is the 4 and a half inch version similar to the RD-9 which is 9 inches. I'm fan of the RD-9 so I wanted to give this model a go because it's pretty much the same knife just with a smaller blade. The handle, pummel and even the blade width is the same only the blade is shorter keeping all the things I liked about the RD9 and just shorting up the blade.

Now I have to point out that with its size handle and such a short blade it is kinda handle heavy but some people like that and it really depends on the person. I really like the ranger series of knives they have great weight and even if it's the small one like the RD4 it's still got the weight to do the job.


Overall Length: 10.25"
Blade Length: 4.5"
Blade Thickness: 0.25"
Made in USA

Ontario Ranger Knives RD-4 ReviewOntario Ranger Knives RD-4 ReviewAn Ideal bushcraft knife is about 4 inches in blade size and you want a little weight to them. You need weight to help with chopping and when a blade is heavy it tends to cut better then a light knives because of the extra weight to drive it's self threw the cut.


Ontario Ranger Knives RD-4 ReviewThe coatings on the Ontario knives are better than most knives in this price ranger which tend to be just paint. The ranger series knife coating are quite durable and I haven't been able to get them to come off not that they won't but I have been very happy with how well they hold up. Now people need to keep In mind that I don't set out to destroy my gear every piece I own is take care of but this doesn't mean I don't use them and in fact if a knife doesn't do all I need it to do its just crap in my book and what is the point of carrying it.

Ontario Ranger Knives RD-4 ReviewWhen I review a product I like to use it for a couple of weeks around the house and in the woods just to see how well it performs in everyday used for a product to pass my criteria it needs to perform well in all tasks whether its cutting a watermelon or chopping wood at a camp fire. I like to keep in mind that not everyone has the money to buy more than one knife and I have been there when I first started out in the woods all I had was a small Swiss army knife. So when I'm done with a review and I recommend a knife I have to say "is this knife a knife I would buy for myself and could I use it for everything" and the RD series knives are just such a knives.

Ontario Ranger Knives RD-4 ReviewThe pummels of the RD line are one of my favorite parts of these knives. There just what I feel a pummel should be thick, a little bit of grip, and large enough that you can hit something with it and do damage. Most pummels you see tend to be small penetrating ones which are just about useless in the woods because they were designed to hit people not wood. Now don't get me wrong these knives are ideal for field combat with their sloping point that greatly helps with penetrating and it's needed with such a wide blade. But also can serve as a bush knife as well which makes them ideal if you can only buy one but need it to do everything.

Ontario Ranger Knives RD-4 ReviewWhen it comes to bushcraft the knife is excellent for batoning and splitting wood because of its large wide blade it allows you to really get the blade down into the wood before it becomes hard to hit and then it's just a twist of the wrist to split the stick. The wide blade also helps when falling large trees allowing you baton deep wedges out of the base getting them trees to fall that much quicker and another use I like the wide blades for is when I do any skinning and all I have is a large knife I like to grip up on the blade near the tip like a Ulu a knife used by Inuit and Eskimo to do skinning and cutting meat tasks and it's a very efficient way to do things. This can also be a hindrance because the blade is so wide you will find yourself having a hard time to do any really small carving but that's what pocket knives are for anyway! One thing that some people may have a problem with is the handle and its weight. The handle tends to be a slight heavy then the blade which feels strange to me because most knives I use the blades are usually heavier but it's not that bad it just takes a little getting used to.

Ontario Ranger Knives RD-4 ReviewNow the price of the RD4s are affordable and some say this means their cheap in quality.You can say what you want but I have never had one fail or fall apart doing what they were made to do but I suppose if you where trying to cut cinderblocks or steel I-beams maybe they would. But as I don't come across I-beams in the woods as they don't grow naturally it's not a problem for me.


I have used a number of the RD series and the RD4 doesn't disappoint for a blade that will cost you around $96 bucks Canadian these knives will outperform ones that cost twice that price so if the question is are they worth buying I would have say hell yeah for a knife that is comparable to ones twice its price it's definitely one to consider when buying your next blade or first one!

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