CRKT hissatsu folder Knife Review

CRKT hissatsu folder Knife ReviewThe CRKT hissatsu is one of the best fighting knives made especially for combat I have ever seen and the folder does not disappoint ether! CRKT and James Williams really have themselves a winner here this folder is one of the beefiest folders I have used. The bolt of the Hissatsu folder is very large and can take a remarkable amount of strain for a folding knife.


CRKT hissatsu folder Knife ReviewThe next thing that really blew me away was the locking mechanism which is not a thin piece of steel for a liner lock it's a round what looks like rolled steel rod and when this rod snaps into place your really feel that your blade's not going anywhere!



CRKT hissatsu folder Knife ReviewThe design of the knife is very subdued and classy looking without any weird groves or notches only notches on the entire handle is for the clip and thumb stud. The scales on this knife are something I really like not over done but just the right texturing to allow for great grip but plain enough to keep a classy sleek design which looks like something a man in a suit would carry and if you know anything about Japanese culture you know that there all about clean looking lines and this knife does follow that line of thinking.

CRKT hissatsu folder Knife ReviewThe inside of the knife has steel liners behind the zytel scales for added strength and when it comes to strength this knifes is reinforced just about as much as one can get the blade of the knife has two locking mechanisms a liner lock and a sliding lock that secures the liner lock from disengaging which really gives you a sense of security and assurance that when you need to do heavy work with this knife it's not going to snap back and bit you!

CRKT hissatsu folder Knife ReviewThe design of the Hissatsu knifes have a remarkable ability to penetrate like no other knife I've seen especially the folder. The blade is very thick, double locked, pointed and as if that wasn't enough there is even a Teflon coating on the blade which adds to its ability to slip threw just about anything!


CRKT hissatsu folder Knife ReviewNow a lot of people have been saying that these knives are hard to open and this is false don't believe it. The stiffness of the blade opening is like every assisted-opening knife I have ever used. Their hard to very hard to open when you first get them but after you use them for awhile they loosen up very nicely as this one did!

Although this knife has been designed as a fighting and self-defense knife it makes a great utility knife as well! The sexy microtech style handle is a true beauty. Even though the knife looks expensive and is well built don't let that fool you this knife is also affordable. The knife comes in two models one is assisted-opening and one is not so you can buy the knife ether way and it's only going to cost you around a $100 bucks so if you factor in the cool design, quality and the price you getting an outstanding blade for the money!

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