CRKT Hissatsu Fixed Blade Review

CRKT Hissatsu Fixed Blade ReviewThe Hissatsu is primarily a fighting knife designed by CRKT and James Williams. You may notice the name because James has been the go to guy on the discovery and history channels when it comes to samurai and combat tools and how they're used. So it's not surprising that he knows what's needed in a combat knife.

CRKT Hissatsu Fixed Blade ReviewThe Hissatsu name translated means "certain kill" which just about says it all. The knife is designed like the Japanese samurai katana which is a long curved blade which is made so that the user can draw the blade from the sheath and go right into a cut. The curved blade allows the user to not just cut right from the sheath but it allow you to make that cut then the blade will cut its way out of the body so that the tool can be used right away. Most combat knives have strait blades and when you make a slashing cut with a strait blade the blade tends to cut down then you need to pull the blade out but with a curved blade it does this work for you by cutting your blade out so it can be used right away.

CRKT Hissatsu Fixed Blade ReviewJames Williams designed this knife for one purpose to be used for combat and self-defense. I have seen a few review where people have said this knife can't be used as a utility knife which I don't agree with because any blade can be used as a utility knife even a butter knife. But this knife was not designed for that. The blade is very sharp and comes down to a very fine edge its ideal usage is for slashing and stabbing if you were to use it as a utility knife it would become dull faster than other knives that where designed to do utility tasks.

CRKT Hissatsu Fixed Blade ReviewThe knife itself comes in 4 model one tan on tan one black on black and one with a black handle and polished bade then there is a model called Hisshou which is a larger model. The handles of the Hissatsu are made from zytel which is a very hard and durable thermoplastic and the handle has a second coating of which is softer and much griper. This knife has no tang pummel and the knife was made that way so that you're not limited on way to use it. when you have sharp points on the pummel this tends to limit you from being able to put your hand over the tail and drive down onto the blade for more power that's why James made the pummel this way.

CRKT Hissatsu Fixed Blade ReviewThe only down side of this knife is the sheath I really like the size and the shape but it just doesn't hold the knife as secure as I would like. What I think companies should do is to make a small set screw near the point where it grips the knife allowing you to adjust how well it holds. It's a small thing but I feel it would make a big difference.


CRKT Hissatsu Fixed Blade ReviewCRKT Hissatsu Fixed Blade ReviewThe blade of this knife is made from 440c steel and I have had good luck with this type of steel stays very sharp and holds its edge very well and because its stainless steel its also low maintenance. What really surprised me about this knife was its penetrating power it comes to such a sharp point and the steel is so thick that it's like a large metal tooth that can be driven into just about any webbing or vest with very little afford.


knives 0CRKT Hissatsu Fixed Blade Review31CRKT Hissatsu Fixed Blade Reviewwhen it comes to a combat knife for fighting slashing and stabbing there is no better and this knife defiantly makes it into my top 10 self-defense knifes and the price is great around $109 which is very affordable when it comes to a combat knife which many can run in anywhere between $200 to $2000 dollar range!



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