Ontario Ranger Knives Little Bird Knife Review

Ontario Ranger Knives Little Bird Knife ReviewRecently it's been my pleasure to review three really great knives form Ontario Knives & Ranger Knives, fist up is the smallest in the series the Little Bird. The Little Bird is a very small knife the entire knife comes in at 4 inches so you can see it's very small indeed! Most people would not see how this knife is useful but to me it's probably one the most useful knives I have use.

Ontario Ranger Knives Little Bird Knife ReviewSmall and compact with a blade size of 1.75 inches its ideal for small tasks but what I found to be its ultimate use is for skinning! I always like to use a very small knife for skinning but never found one that had a small blade with a bell like a skinning knife till now.



Ontario Ranger Knives Little Bird Knife ReviewThis little bird I would have to say is my favorite knife for doing skinning tasks small and you can get it around easy without cutting anything you don't want to but super sharp and fine so very well suited to the task.




Ontario Ranger Knives Little Bird Knife ReviewAlthough the Little bird is one hell of a skinning knife I would have to say its uses don't stop there it also makes a great utility knife as well you can carry it around your neck in the Kydex sheath with no problem it's about the size of a large pendent but under your shirt no one will know it's there and you don't even feel it!



Ontario Ranger Knives Little Bird Knife ReviewThe lanyard that comes with the sheath is pretty much useless its only like a foot long and you can't used it for around your neck or anything like that so you need to change it out for a piece of Paracord for best results take the inner strands from the paracord to make a smooth flat lanyard for the knife.



Ontario Ranger Knives Little Bird Knife ReviewThe little bird comes in many different versions like without the handle and just a paracord wrap or there is three handle models tan, green and the one I pick the orange easy to see when you drop it so you don't have to spend an hour looking ! The scratch coating on this little knife is very good I have used it to pry cut and skin and still not a mark on the coating so I would have to say it's one of the better coatings out there. My last point would have to be don't let its size fool you it's a great knife and a must have for the hunting kit!

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