Ontario Ranger Knives RD9 Knife Review

Ontario Ranger Knives RD9 Knife ReviewThe ranger series knives have worked very well for me and I'm impressed with the quality compared to the price like for instance the RD9 from the Ranger series when you compare this knives to others in its class and then compare the price this knife is far more affordable then most others for what I would say is dam near the same quality.

Ontario Ranger Knives RD9 Knife ReviewThe RD9 is similar to the RTAK II that Ontario sells but a little shorter by about an inch give or take and the blade is just a tiny bit thicker. The width of the blade is about a half inch less on the RD9 but were they greatly differ is the handle I like the handle on the RD9 more because



Ontario Ranger Knives RD9 Knife Reviewit's not as thick and is more profiled to your hand but that's just me if you have a larger had you my like the RTAK better. One feature of the RD9 I really like is the pummel very well designed and it has been rippled and is flatter then the RTAK so better for hitting.



Ontario Ranger Knives RD9 Knife ReviewIn my opinion the RD9 is profiled better not just the pummel but the thumb rest and at the tip the profile of the tip is similar to a bowie knife with a sloping back ridge of the knife which would make it better for fighting with if you had too. The coatings on the Ranger knives are very good and keep the blade protected for wear and help to keep the water away for the blade preventing rust. Not that the coating will not come off all coatings on knives will wear down but some are better than other and the Ranger knives have some of the better coatings I have seen. The sheath of the RD9 is basically the same sheaths for the RTAK II both are adequate but I would recommend getting a new better made sheath because these knives are worth it!

Ontario Ranger Knives RD9 Knife ReviewI find myself tore between the RTAK II and the RD9 both are fantastic knives and work well as bush knives both have great coatings and are well designed. But I would have to lean more towards the RD9 because of its better profiling and the fact that I have a small hand it fits me better then the RTAK II. The performance of the RD9 is on par with the RATK both make a hell of a chopper and are ideal substitutes for a hatchet or axe I would defiantly check them both out and now that they are distributed by Ontario Knives I am sure what every shop you go to you will see them both so best thing to do is see what one fit you best I can only tell you my thoughts, likes and dislikes and you have to take it from there my friends!

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