Ontario Ranger Knives Shiv Knife Review

Ontario Ranger Knives Shiv Knife ReviewThe Shiv is a Knife by Ranger Knives & Ontario knives which comes in at a total length of just over 8 inches with a 4 inch blade like the little bird this knife comes in many models some without a handle and just a paracord and some with handles the handles come in three colors tan, green, and orange.

Ontario Ranger Knives Shiv Knife Reviewreviews I have research bushcraft knives for a long time and found that many are extremely over prices in fact most you will find are around $500 bucks and for me that a crazy price for a small knife I am not made of money haha! So when I seen the Shiv I notice that it had a lot of the things abushcraft knife had a nice comfortable handle 4 inch blade but one thing this knife didn't have was the astronomical price you can pick up the Shiv for around $50 to $70 buck so you can see how it's by far more affordable as a bushcraft knife and for the money you save you can use it to take a trip to use the new knife.

Ontario Ranger Knives Shiv Knife ReviewNow for what most people will ask is it as good and I would have to say absolutely every bit as good I used it for carving, cutting, as a utility knife you name it I use it for one without any problems in fact the scratch coating on the knife is better then you will find on any bushcraft knife because most don't have any and when it comes to high quality carbon steel it tends to rust so you want a good coating so you keep rust off you blade.

Ontario Ranger Knives Shiv Knife ReviewNow for the down side of the knife is the very poor quality sheath all the sheath is made of is a folded over piece of ballistic nylon with a cheap plastic insert which has broke in three spots since I been using it. This is a real shame seeing that the knife is so great but they skimped so much on the sheath in fact I wouldn't even say it's a sheath more like a blade protector for shipping.


Ontario Ranger Knives Shiv Knife Reviewbut I recommend you don't let the sheath bother you. You can get a sheath for this knife just about anywhere and I am sure you can get it for under 30 buck so in total you will have spent $100 bucks for a bushcraft knife and compared to others that $400 bucks less then what you would pay for other knives like this and I don't care how you slice it that's a whole lot less. I would defiantly take a look at the knife and pick up a sheath for it you will not be disappointed and it's well worth it!

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