Ontario RTAK II Knife Review

Ontario RTAK II Knife ReviewThe RTAK II was the knife that started it all first one produced for the Randall adventure training company and this model is the second Gen of that knife. Because of the environment here in Canada I have found a real need for a large knife similar to a machete but machete's tend to be too light and when it comes to thick heavy trees they tend to have a hard time. So I set out to find a knife that would do the work of a machete, but had a little more weight to it, so one could use it on large trees or even like an axe.

* 16.5 inch overall length
* 10.25 inch blade w/ drop point
* 3/16" thick 1095 Steel
* 56-58 Rc. Hardness
* Full flat grind
* Mil-spec phosphate finish
* Lanyard hole * Green Canvas Micarta ergonomic handle slabs
* Ambidextrous Cordura nylon sheath w/ lashing holes for attachment or paracord storage

Ontario RTAK II Knife ReviewOntario RTAK II Knife ReviewAs I'm a fan of RAT knives the obvious choice is the RTAK II an absolutely stunning knife with a look similar to a machete but far better. The weight is almost twice that of a machete and as far as durability goes, no machete can touch this knife. The blade is designed with a overall length of over 17" and a full tang. The blade is made form 1095 carbon steel with a coating of Mil-spec phosphate, which I've found not to be the best coating but better than most. The thickness of the blade is 1875" and blade alone is 10" this is what gives the knife its machete look.

Ontario RTAK II Knife ReviewOntario RTAK II Knife ReviewFirst thing you notice when you use this knife is that it's no machete! The weight and size allows you to lop off tree limbs with one cut, that would have taken 4 or 5 hits with any other machete like tool. Another thing I want to point out for everyone is that machetes are not a fighting knife like they are portrayed in the movies. The design of a machete is primarily a gardening tool, use all over the world as a tool for doing everything from trimming brush and large grasses like bamboo, for this they are fantastic but the design of the RTAK takes that design even feather with a thicker blade and more weight making it one of the best survival tools you can have in your kit.

Ontario RTAK II Knife ReviewOntario RTAK II Knife ReviewI have used this knife for everything from clearing brush around the house to cutting trails and preparing camp sites. The RTAK II is now one of the main tools I carry for large tasks like that. Although I would primarily recommend this knife as a survival tool, it doesn't elude me that it could be used as a self defense knife as well.

Ontario RTAK II Knife ReviewOntario RTAK II Knife ReviewThe size and weight reminds me of the machetes use by the United States army during the Vietnam War which in a pinch were used as weapons. This knifes weight and size makes it a perfect replacement for a axe or tomahawk with a lot of the same capabilities like cutting trees down and I have done a lot of research on this knife and have even seen where people have cut trees which were a foot thick so it can be done easily.

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