ESEE RC-5 SERE Knife Review

ESEE RC-5 SERE Knife ReviewThe SERE is also known as the RC-5 one of the largest knives produced by Rat Cutlery and deflently one of the thickest at a ΒΌ inch. The weight of the knife can be a down side for some but I like it. The weight make you feel like you got something made of quality and it comes in handy when chopping.Everyone knows the more weight behind the chop the less work you have to do and in a survival situation less work you have to do is alwase better.


Overall Length: 10.88"
Blade Length: 5.25"
Thickness: .25"
Steel: 1095 Carbon
Weight: 16 ounces without sheath
Finish: Black Textured Powder Coat
Blade Width: 1.56"
Grind: Flat
Handles: Canvas Micarta
Sheathing: MOLLE Compatible Kydex and Eagle industries
Features: Glass Breaker, Bow Drill Divot
Spine: Thumb Grippers

ESEE RC-5 SERE Knife ReviewESEE RC-5 SERE Knife ReviewNow this knife was designed by Rat Cutlery and SERE instructors and if you don't know what SERE means its Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape this is an acronym for the elite air force survival school run by the US government. This school is designed to prepare and train anyone who is part of the government from pilots to government agents so that they know what to expect when they find themselves down behind enemy lines and give them the skills to get back home safely.

ESEE RC-5 SERE Knife ReviewESEE RC-5 SERE Knife ReviewThe SERE has I thick blade and when it comes to thick blades the bevel is key! You need to have a bevel that allows the blade to transition to the edge but you want to have a smooth transition any deep bevels will be a pain when it comes to chopping any big pieces of wood. I have found deep bevels to get hung up all the time and only allow you to get about a inch into the wood before it stops you but the SERE is perfect with a very easy slope and no deep parts to get hung up shows that they put real thought into the knife not just putting out something that just looks good!

ESEE RC-5 SERE Knife ReviewESEE RC-5 SERE Knife ReviewThe coating on these knives is phenomenal and one of the best I have seen holds so well and doesn't chip away or scratch easily at all. The handle is made from a high grade tan micarta with a small indent which is used for a handle when making a fire with a bow drill. This small dimple is a great concept and I do like it but I tend not to use it because I don't like having a knife in my hands well doing something like a fire drill too dangerous!

ESEE RC-5 SERE Knife ReviewESEE RC-5 SERE Knife ReviewThe performance of the knives and steel is nothing short of fantastic no mater what you can throw at the knife it just keeps working holds a razor edge and even after cutting ropes chopping and even cutting wires and webbing it still kept that razor edge and that's very impressive for a knife blade. The pummel is one of my favorite parts of this knife very well made for smashing glass and as a weapon well still leaving a large hole for your lanyards

ESEE RC-5 SERE Knife ReviewThe sheath of the SERE is made by Eagle Industries a leader in tactical gear but this sheath is not going to be around long because RAT Cutlery is going to be offering this knife with a kydex which is the one I like better. The Eagle industries sheath has a pocket in the front which I have found very difficult to carry any small items. The pocket tends to alow small items to fall out on the sides of the pocket.


ESEE RC-5 SERE Knife ReviewMy recommendation would have to be a small survival pouch which is held on by Velcro to the front of the knife sheath and can be ripped off in a flash and holds essential survival items like fire steel paracord small compass little bit of snare wire stuff like that.

I make no secret that RAT knives are one of my favorites and I rate them in my top 5 best survival knives. You can never go wrong with any RAT Cutlery Knife and that's the bottom line period!

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