SOG Aegis Assisted Opening Knife Review

SOG Aegis Assisted Opening Knife ReviewThe Aegis is the first assisted opening knife I have used by SOG and I have been looking forward to doing so for a while now. When I first got the knife it was a little stiff as most folders are but after using it for awhile it loosened up quite well. The SOG assisted technologies or (S.A.T.) is designed to help the blade spring out as you apply force on the blades thumb stud.

SOG Aegis Assisted Opening Knife ReviewAlthough I am a fan of the knife its S.A.T doesn't seem to be as responsive as Kershaw's assisted opening mechanism but it works very well none the less. When the blade is started it flips open with a nice audible click which many people will find quite fun.



SOG Aegis Assisted Opening Knife ReviewNow this knife is very light lighter than any folder I have SOG archives this by doing away with any steel in the handle I have taken a very close look at the inside with a flashlight and the only metal I can find is a small bar for the stop of the blade and the moving parts. Now the first thing that comes to mind is that this would make the handle weak but I have found this not to be the case even thought the handle has minimal steel it still is very strong this is because of the Zytel a very durable and strong material that resists impacts with a tensile strength of around 30 kpsi. Zytel is basically a nylon with fiberglass it combination is used in many products like Gerbers axes and some of the best and most durable products in the world.

SOG Aegis Assisted Opening Knife Review

The blade of the aegis is one of the best designs I have used if you compare it to your kitchen chef's knife you can see why it's such a great chopper the blade design is very similar to this knife.this is what I feel makes it such a great chopping and carving tool. The locking function on this knife is one of my favorite with a lever that is very similar to a gun with a green indicator for locked and red for unlocked which I found great and easy to see if the knife is locked or open.

SOG Aegis Assisted Opening Knife ReviewProbably one of the best parts of this knife for me was the handle right around the thumb stud its cut away with a scallop like design which really lets you get in behind the stud and flip out the knife blade very easy. When it comes to this part on other knives like the Kershaws it's got them all beat the thumb stud on the Kershaw's are so hard to use that I have cut myself many times and in fact I don't even open them unless I use Kershaw little torsion bar on the back of the knife.

SOG Aegis Assisted Opening Knife ReviewOne down side is there is no lanyard hole unless you count the little hole on the packet clip which I don't this may bother some people but wasn't a sticker for me because I don't like to use lanyards that much I unless there the tassels design that doesn't get hung up on everything. Bottom line this knife makes a nice every day carry great functions and super light so you can carry it all day long without any problem!


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