Smith & Wesson HRT Tanto Boot Knife Review

Smith & Wesson HRT Tanto Boot Knife ReviewHRT tanto Boot knife from smith & Wesson my fist impressions were it seemed a little small but when I came to think about it if you were to carry a knife in your boot you don't want it to be all that big in the first place. When I first seen this knife I was not expecting much form the price it cost around $15 bucks but I liked the way it looked and after I revived the knife I was stunned that it was as good as it is.

Smith & Wesson HRT Tanto Boot Knife ReviewThe sheath is smooth and great for wearing with a boot or in any situation where you need to just slide the sheath into a pocket or slot. On The back of the knife there is a very strong and well made steel clip which holds the sheath very securely to anything you clip it to. There is only one thing I can even find wrong with this sheath and that is the strap that holds the blade in if you were to pull the knife sidewise you can pull the knife out without even unclipping it. But this is a miner thing and not really a problem the clip works well and holds the knife very good even after a bunch of running or jumping.

Smith & Wesson HRT Tanto Boot Knife ReviewThe knife it's self is remarkably high quality for the price full tang stainless steel with a high quality rubber handle and a very nice pummel at the end which is the end of the tang. The knife is all one piece of steel with the rubber handle that has been molded onto it.



Smith & Wesson HRT Tanto Boot Knife ReviewThe blade held a great edge and held it for a very long time before it had to be resharpened. Even thought the knife is only around 15 bucks don't let that fool you it's one great knife and at that price it's a must have for a extra backup or for someone like a young fellow so they can have a nice knife but if they should lose it you're not out a bunch of money. If you're looking for a nice quality knife at a very good price check this one out a excellent blade!

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