Smith & Wesson Extreme OPS Knife SWEXT Review

Smith & Wesson Extreme OPS Knife SWEXT ReviewHere is the largest and thickest knife I have review from smith & Wesson the width is ΒΌ of an inch thick which make it very sturdy and hard to break. The total length is 10 inches with a 5 inch blade. The handles are made from Micarta and the steel is low maintenance stainless steel.

Smith & Wesson Extreme OPS Knife SWEXT ReviewThe Micarta is not as high quality as you find on a knife like the Rat SERE but this knife doesn't cost anywhere near the price either! The RAT SERE comes in at over $200 and this knife is under $50 bucks which is very good for a knife like this. The SWEXT is one hell of a nice survival tool sturdy and strong in every way but what make the knife so good would have to be the price under 50 bucks. The coating on the blade is not perfect and comes off easy but this is no big deal.

Smith & Wesson Extreme OPS Knife SWEXT ReviewThis knife weights around 14 ounces which is heavy and feel good this weight is ideal for doing a ton of chopping jobs allowing you to slice thru even thick tree limbs easy and with very little effort. One thing to watch out for in thick knives with deep bevels is that they can make it hard to cut with the knife and this is found with thick knives like this one but the SWEXT's bevel is perfect not too deep to hinder working with it but still enough to slope to the blade perfectly.

Smith & Wesson Extreme OPS Knife SWEXT ReviewSmith & Wesson Extreme OPS Knife SWEXT ReviewNow for the part I didn't like and that was the sheath it's made from low quality plastic and feel real cheap which is a shame because the knife is quite good and the low quality sheath just takes away from the total feel and quality of the knife. But I think the knife is worth getting another sheath and once you do you will really have a nice survival knife. The SWEXT is a very over looked knife and I really like it price is good and the knife quality is great for the money and all I would say is get a new sheath for the blade and your all set a leather or kydex sheath would be ideal and make this a much better survival tool!

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