ESEE IZULA knife Review

ESEE IZULA knife ReviewI have a new pet RAT his name is izula and he may be small but packs a big bite haha. The IZULA from RAT cutlery or ESEE knives as they are called now, is the smallest knife from Randall's adventure and training and like all there knives its one I really like and I am use all the time because the knife is so small with a total length of 6.25 inches you can carry it on your belt or around your neck and take it just about anywhere without anyone even knowing you have it.

ESEE IZULA knife ReviewThis knife is designed just like the many others form ESEE made from 1095 ESEE IZULA knifecarbon steel, which is very strong and can hold a hell of an edge! This model has ESEEs very durable coating on the entire knife and there is no handle it's what they call skeletonized! Which just means it has been cut down to its basics. But you can buy the handles from the shop below as well!

ESEE IZULA knife ReviewThere is no handle or any other parts of this knife just the blade, which is all one piece with the handle and this makes a ideal survival knife small compact and light weight The sheath is injection molded and is the first like this I have used but I have to say I am impressed it holds the knife very well! However some people like me my find using a knife like this for a long time can be hard on the hand but this is easily countered by wrapping the handle in paracord.

ESEE IZULA knife ReviewESEE IZULA knife ReviewI am working on a small compact survival kit for this knife I'm not finished but here is what I have so far. When I received the knife all was in the package was the knife and sheath but I have added a few things like a neck lanyard which a silver skull which some my say is not needed.

ESEE IZULA knife ReviewBut everything I have put on this knife can be used one is the shinny skull can be used as a fishing lure by just attaching a fishing line and hook. Next is the orange paracord this can be used to find the knife if you drop it but can also be used as a marker in the woods by taking the paracord and fraying it like a horses tail and hanging it from a tree it will make a ideal marker. Next I have added a whistle and a glow in the dark skull which can be used to find the whistle if you should drop it but can be also used as a fish lure too.

ESEE IZULA knife ReviewESEE IZULA knife ReviewI have wrapped this knife with paracord with the insides still in so it can be used as fishing line, to make shelters, or for traps .finally I have added a red Photon flashlight they are very light weight and have a lot of functionality like S.O.S setting and blinking and can also be used as a normal flashlight which is surprisingly bright the kit is a work in progress but I will be posting updates on the forums on what it looks like! Bottom line this is an affordable knife and a great survival and bushcraft knife and I highly recommend it to any outdoor person!!

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