GERBER LMF A.S.E.K Survival Knife Review

GERBER LMF A.S.E.K Survival Knife Review

I have been looking forward to review one of these knives for a while now I wanted to see if they held up to all the hype. Well after using this knife I have come to only one conclusion and that is its awesome! In fact I would have to say it's in my top 10 of survival knives.



GERBER LMF A.S.E.K Survival Knife ReviewGERBER LMF A.S.E.K Survival Knife ReviewThe LMF is one of the best survival knives I have used the ASEK model has everything you may need in a survival situation except for a fire steel and maybe some paracord. The sheath of the LMF has a phenomenal amount of ways to mount either to your gear or pack or even your body. The sheath has molle attachments as well as two straps which can be used to strap to your leg or calf something I really like about the straps is they have rubber embedded in the strap which will stop the knife from moving up and down on your leg which if you every used a knife with a thigh strap you know they never stay in place.

GERBER LMF A.S.E.K Survival Knife ReviewThe knife sheath also sports a very nice built in sharpener which is great to keep your knife sharp because the sharper a knife blade is the less work you need to do to cut things and the sheath is jump proof with very secure locking mechanism on the hilt of the blade but it also has not one but two handles straps to make sure that knife is going no ware unless you want it to. This is a must because the knife is made to be a replacement for the pilot survival knife and will almost defiantly be jumping from a plane if a pilot is wearing it!

GERBER LMF A.S.E.K Survival Knife ReviewOther nice features is this model the ASEK comes with a v cutter a v cutter is just a knife that is in the shape of a hook that can be using in an emergency to cut seatbelts ropes cords and just about anything you can fit in the hook this accessories is especially nice when it comes to emergencies when you may find yourself hung up or attached to something you need to extacate yourself from it and fast! Like a pack or gear this blade can cut the straps and get things off really fast in case you find yourself in deep water and your gear is pulling you down!

GERBER LMF A.S.E.K Survival Knife ReviewNow for the knife itself its perfectly thick enough to do anything one would want to and the serrations on the blade are very nice and that's saying a lot because I hate serrations but these ones are great not too big or curved to get hung up on stuff but made like a steak knife great for cutting anything.



GERBER LMF A.S.E.K Survival Knife ReviewGERBER LMF A.S.E.K Survival Knife ReviewThe handle of the blade is made so you can easily attach it to a stick or poll to use as a spear and the handle even has a indent to allow for this and if you ever tried to attach a knife to a poll you know what I am saying it's hard to attach anything round to another round object so this indent and holes for the holes for the cord make it very easy to do so. The pummel of the knife is very thick and ideal for smashing windows or just about anything you can think of and on the backside of the pummel there is a flat spot which can be used for a hammer but you have to keep the knife in the sheath to use it as a hammer or you will cut yourself all to hell. Bottom line is this knife is a definitely a keeper and is in my top 10 of best survival knives a true must have!

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