CRKT KOMMER I.F.B (Integral Fixed Blade) Review

CRKT KOMMER I.F.B (Integral Fixed Blade) ReviewI recently ran across this knife at the CRKT home page and thought now that is one sturdy and hardcore looking knife .The knife is made of 6168CrV, 59-61 HRC carbon steel with no embellishments or handle slabs this knife is one solid piece of steel the blade is 3.3 mm thick with a drop point.



CRKT KOMMER I.F.B (Integral Fixed Blade) ReviewWhen I first used the knife I found it seemed to be heavy but after looking up the weight and then comparing it to one of my favorite knives the RC-4 I found that the knife is very close in weight. The RAT rc-4 is7.4 ounces and the I.F.B is 7.7 ounces so the difference is very low when you take into account the I.F.B is totally made of steel from tip to pummel.


CRKT KOMMER I.F.B (Integral Fixed Blade) ReviewCRKT KOMMER I.F.B (Integral Fixed Blade) ReviewThe design of the knife is nice they have use the carbon steel and made a knife that is not just a thin slab but has a handle that has some width to it so it feels like a real knife handle not just a piece of steel wrapped in paracord which a lot of full carbon steel knives are these days. They are able to make a wide handle that is lightweight well lightweight as possible under the circumstances by carving out the insides of the handle to cut down on weight which they call skeletonized which just means that they have cut holes in the handle to reduce the weight well still retaining the thickness of the handle .

CRKT KOMMER I.F.B (Integral Fixed Blade) ReviewCRKT KOMMER I.F.B (Integral Fixed Blade) ReviewThe knife performed for me very well I love the steel in the knife it holds an edge very well and can really take a pounding. The design of the handle is ideal feels very good in the hand but I found one thing that maybe a down side is that when your hammering on the blade there is nothing to shield your hand from vibrations but this can be reduced by wrapping the handle in paracord which is easy because of the layout of the holes on the handle.

CRKT KOMMER I.F.B (Integral Fixed Blade) ReviewCRKT KOMMER I.F.B (Integral Fixed Blade) ReviewThe sheath of this knife is quite good holds the knives very secure and there are no worries about it falling out, however it's not jump proof. Which you would think a knife made for Special Forces would be! But as a everyday knife for hunting and camping it's great and is one of my favorites holds a great edge simple design and at 99 dollars it's in the realm of being affordable!

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