SOG Fusion Bowie Knife Review

SOG Fusion Bowie Knife ReviewThe SOG fusion Bowie is one of the fusions larger knives coming in at 12.25" and the blade alone is 7". The steel in this knife is new to me it's called 8Cr13MoV and from the research I have done its similar to AUS-8. But as far as the performance of the steel I have no complaints it worked great and I can't see any difference from higher price tools I own.


SOG Fusion Bowie Knife ReviewSOG Fusion Bowie Knife ReviewThe handle of the SOG Bowie is Kraton a very durable and hard material that is found in a lot of blades these days. I own a number of tools with Kraton handle and I have never had a problem with the material in fact I prefer the Kraton over leather because it doesn't shrink or rot like leather will. The blade for the fusion Bowie is similar to a Ka-Bar but the tip is more Bowie style. The handle of the knife is quite large for me but I have a small hand and the handle is about a inch and a half longer then my hand so it would be ideal for a person with a larger hand.

SOG Fusion Bowie Knife ReviewOne thing SOG does with almost all there knives is they put a special nut at the base of the pummel so that the blade can be tightened up if it should come lose.




SOG Fusion Bowie Knife ReviewSOG Fusion Bowie Knife ReviewThis is a must I have owned many knives that have had just a pin in the tail of the knife and when the blade became lose the knife was useless and dangerous when you can't tighten it up.




SOG Fusion Bowie Knife ReviewSOG Fusion Bowie Knife ReviewThe knife performed great for me and I have very little to complain about in fact only one thing and that's the scratch coating it does tend to come off quite easy but when you take into account that your getting a knife that is comparable to knives twice its price I would have to say that is a very small price to pay in deed.



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