ESEE RC4 Survival Knife Review

ESEE RC4 Survival Knife ReviewI've been looking to do a review on the RAT RC4 for a while now and all my waiting paid off. This knife is one of the finest products I've reviewed. The RAT 4 is in my humble opinion one of the best bushcraft knives out on the market today. The 4 inch blade is just right for the tasks of bushcraft not to big to get in the way of small carving projects but long enough to be used as a full survival knife.


Overall length: 9.0"
Cutting Edge Length: 4.06"
Blade Length (end of handle to tip of blade): 4.5"
Blade Width: 1.25"
Weight (knife only): 7.4 ounces
Drop point blade style
Available in plain or partially serrated edge
Maximum thickness: .188"
1095 Carbon Steel - 57 Rc.
Removable lined Micarta handle slabs
Rounded Pommel w/ lanyard hole
Formed Ambidextrous Kydex sheath
MOLLE Locks, lanyard and cord lock included
Vertical and horizontal carry
Optional equipment: Jump-proof MOLLE Back

ESEE RC4 Survival Knife ReviewESEE RC4 Survival Knife ReviewOther things I really like is that the blade is 3/16"which is thick enough to easily take pounding and prying on the blade .The handle is made of two slabs of Micarta which I have found to be one of the finest handles the feel is like a dried river rock with just enough grip well still leaving the handle smooth not to make your hand sore after a long day of cutting.

ESEE RC4 Survival Knife ReviewESEE RC4 Survival Knife ReviewThe sheath for this knife is very well thought out because it is folded over and held together with the screws and not rivets makes it a very nice design when the knife is in the sheath you can loosen or tighten the screws to make the sheath tighter for better grip on the knife I have found this sheath to be so good at holding your blade that there is no real need for the added molle jump sheath attachment but when you do use it there is no way the knife will come out unless you want it too.

ESEE RC4 Survival Knife ReviewESEE RC4 Survival Knife ReviewNow for the coating on the blade simply one of the best, resembles the coating that you would see on a truck bed that has been sprayed for protection this makes for a very durable and just as hard to ware off. The steel in this blade is carbon which I use to not be a big fan of but this knife has turned me around the carbon steel is of a very high grade 1095 and holds a fine edge. However if the blade is not carried for you will get rust but if you're the kind of person who takes carry of your gear this will not be a issue.

ESEE RC4 Survival Knife ReviewESEE RC4 Survival Knife ReviewNow for something I would like to point out to all them people out there who have seen these knives on the net simply if its not manufactured by Rowen Manufacturing its not a true RAT Cutlery Knife the real thing will have RC-4 on the blade or RC- what ever the model is 3,5 ect. There are other knives out there with similar look but are unauthorized models and are of lower quality then the true Rowen/ RAT Cutlery Knife so watch out and buy the real deal!

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