SOG Fusion Throwing Knives Review

SOG Fusion Throwing Knives ReviewThe SOG fusion throwing knives are a great salutation for anyone who wants a utility blade for their kit .The SOG throwers consists of three great quality blades make it ideal for a bug out bag or survival kit giving you three blades so you could use one as a spear end and still have two for use as knives all you need to do is wrap the handle with paracord or wear gloves and you got a great knife.

SOG Fusion Throwing Knives ReviewThe blades are full 420 stainless steel with a nylon sheath that houses all three in one sheaths. when I first seen them the idea I had was if you where the type of person who needed a low cost blade but still wanted the quality for the money this would be your salutation.



SOG Fusion Throwing Knives ReviewBecause you have three for the price one you could hand them out to whomever you may be within the woods or any predicament you may find yourself in and this would allow you to have three people helping with the work not just one. The blades make great knives but having the ability to latch one to a poll for a spear and still have two others for work or making other tool which is great.


SOG Fusion Throwing Knives ReviewNow for the main reason they were made for is throwing they are great fun for playing around in the woods. You could setup a target and practice with friends in the camp site. But I will tell you they can be use just as easy for hunting as a throwing knife as they are as a toy. I know this for a fact because I have hunted and caught rabbits with throwing tool so I know it can be done.


SOG Fusion Throwing Knives ReviewThe bottom line is you're getting three quality knives for the price of one. This gives you a lot of versatility when you need just that. When it comes to survival kit and bug out bags you need tools that can be use for more than one purpose and these fit the bill perfectly.



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