Schrade SCHF1 Survival Knife Review

Schrade SCHF1 Survival Knife ReviewI recently received an e-mail asking if we could review some knives that were under $100 but that were good quality. The first knife we are going to review is a hollow handled knife from Schrade now I know what some people will say "a hollow handled knife are you crazy". People would think this because the common thing with outdoor knives is that all hollow handled knives are to be avoided like the plague.

Schrade SCHF1 Survival Knife ReviewMost hollow handled knives will fall apart the first day you use them. But I found it not to be the case with this one because the knife is designed in such a way that it is casted from solid steel both the blade and handle are one-piece allowing for much more strength than a knife that has been casted in two separate pieces then assembled.

Schrade SCHF1 Survival Knife ReviewThe knife is casted from tool steel which is very strong and will last quite a while one special thing about this knife is when you open up the back there is a nice little multitool. A screwdriver type device with multiple ends similar to what you would find from your local hardware store.



Schrade SCHF1 Survival Knife ReviewNow most people may not use a screwdriver so what they've done is they've made it so you can remove the screwdriver entirely and use the internal space for what you want to use it for and you can fit just about any survival items you might want to carry. Like a nice little fire steel matches or fishing kit would be ideal.


Schrade SCHF1 Survival Knife ReviewThis knife performed very well for me feels good in the hand nice weight and hold a really good sharp edge the shape is design like most survival knives and the blade is very thick.




Schrade SCHF1 Survival Knife ReviewNow for the sheath the sheath is designed to look a lot like spec -ops sheath but the quality is not as high as your spec ops but nevertheless it's quite good. Now for the one downside to the knife is that it weighs quite a bit because the knife is solid steel you're going to find it's much heavier than most hunting knives. But this can be seen as an upside because of the weight it's great for chopping large tree branches or any task where you need a heavy knife.

The butt end of the knife is about a inch thick solid steel hammer like end that could be used to pound anything from tent stakes to nails. This knife was not one of the best knives I use but if you factor in the price of this knife it's quite a good knife for the money.

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