Schrade SCHF3 Knife Review

Schrade SCHF3 Knife ReviewThis knife is another tool from Schrade and is my second pick for an affordable survival life this night to be well under $100 and from my understanding it is very similar to Chris Reves knife. The bleed of the knife is designed in the classical combat survival might design and is very thick.


Schrade SCHF3 Knife ReviewThis knife was so thick in fact that I would feel comfortable prying wood apart with it without hesitation.



Schrade SCHF3 Knife ReviewThe handle of the knife is a classic Micarta handle and feels very superior in the hand. One thing that I personally did not like about the handle was the tang of the blade was a little bit bigger than the slabs on the handle in the front.



Schrade SCHF3 Knife ReviewThe knife comes with a sheath that is again similar to a spec ops sheath but with MOLLE attachments on the back and adjustable neck strap. This sheath also has a pocket for multitool or about any survival item you would like to carry.



Schrade SCHF3 Knife ReviewAfter using the knife for a while I found it to be quite good in both quality and function the design of the blade is perfect and thick which I like in a survival knife.



Schrade SCHF3 Knife ReviewAnother thing I noticed over my more expensive Knives is this one it's heavier probably due to the fact that the steel may not be as high quality as say a $300 knife but for the $225 you save a little bit of weight is acceptable. Bottom line the knife has performed quite well and I am impressed with it. Furthermore I have no problem recommending it as a affordable survival knife.

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