Smith & Wesson Neck Knife Review

Smith & Wesson Neck Knife ReviewNow for the little knife I have been using day in and day out for over a week now and I have done just about everything one could think of doing with a knife. I have used it for opening boxes, carving, making dinner, eating, you name it I have used it to do it. This little knife has been nothing but a pleasure. What surprised me the most about this Smith and Wesson knife is the fact that the knife will only set you back between 12 and $20 bucks. This is truly remarkable price for a quality knife that cost so little.

This knife is designed to be worn around the neck it comes with a molded plastic sheath that fits the knife blade very well and holds very securely. One little hidden feature of this sheath is it has a built-in whistle that can be used to alert people to your presence or to call for help.

Smith & Wesson Neck Knife ReviewThe sheath has a beaded chain similar to the one on your plug in your bathroom this little black chain was one part that I thought would break quite quickly but I was surprised how well it held up to use. The blade of the knife is Tonto this means that it has a second cutting edge near the tip of the blade and a much finer point.


The inserts in the handle are hard plastic and the plastic inserts are very secure there's no play or movement in the handle at all. The entire knife is all one piece steal except for the plastic inserts. After using the knife for over a week for just about everything there is only one thing that I found to be a downside is that the coating on the blade is starting to wear down around the edge but this is not a very big problem in my case.

Smith & Wesson Neck Knife ReviewIf You're looking for a low cost knife that it's going to hold up to work and keep a good edge and at a price that's not going to send you out of your mind if you lose it then this one may be your answer. Small compact and would make an ideal knife for a small survival kit or could even be used as an everyday knife if one wished.



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