SOG Seal Knife 2000 Review

SOG Seal Knife 2000 ReviewThe SOG seal knife is one of the best knives I've seen to date. It has a gray finish on the blade to cut down on reflection. However this coating is not that great when it comes to wear, it tends to wear off easily. The handle is made of black Zytel, which when hit sounds like steel, and is very hard. I have burned, cut and pounded on the handle and it has done nothing to it, this plastic material is very resilient!

Blade: 7" x .250"
Weight: 12.8 oz
Overall Length: 12.25"
Steel Aus6 Stainless,power coated RC56-58
Kydex Sheath

I have seen people use this knife to cut everything from wood to steel. This knife comes out shining every time and for a blade that is made of stainless steel thats a big deal! A lot of stainless steel knives are very easy to destroy and damage, but the seal in the 2000 holds its own and then some.

SOG Seal Knife 2000 ReviewI found that the steel is some of the fines I have seen. The blade can hold a edge for a long time and the thickness of the blade make it very resilient to hard work.

We have used this knife for everything from making shelters to skinning animals. The SOG 2000 does it all with ease. One thing I must say I don't like is the sheath the brackets that mount it to your belt or pack are huge, and the knife tends to protrude from the body. I have been starting to see wear on the strap that holds the knife into the sheath. But the sheath can be easily changed for any other.

All and all this is a fine knife, and if you're looking for a knife as I was. One that could do all, this is it! Used with a smaller knife like a Swiss army there is nothing you can't do between the two!

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