FOX KNIVES/ATC COMANCHE TOMAHAWK ReviewIt's time to go Heavy Duty! If you're one who needs the very best and don't want to put your life on the line with tools that don't work, you're going to want to pick up a FOX ATC Comanche. The Comanche is the best breaching/tactical axe or tomahawk I have used to date. This Comanche comes in two models, the SRT.FX-ATC01 and the ART.FX-ATC01. They are virtually identical except the ART has a larger handle. We will be reviewing the SRT.

FOX KNIVES/ATC COMANCHE TOMAHAWK ReviewThe first thing I really like about the tool is the sheath. I review a number of tools and consistently the one thing that many have in common is the poor quality of the sheath. Even the most expensive knives can come with very poor sheaths. When you see a tool like this that comes with a very good sheath it's something you really need to make a big deal about because it doesn't happen often.

FOX KNIVES/ATC COMANCHE TOMAHAWK ReviewFOX KNIVES/ATC COMANCHE TOMAHAWK ReviewThe sheath is made from a high quality Cordura. Other knives say the same thing but if you know the difference they are nowhere close to the real deal. This sheath comes with not one, but two if not 3 mounting systems. MOLLE is on the front and ALICE is on the back. The ALICE Velcro loops double as belt loops if you just want to mount it to a belt or shoulder bag. The retaining button straps are not made of nylon (like you see on other tools) these are made from a very durable material that almost feels like rubber but it's far more resistant to cutting. I have hit these straps many times with sharp blades and never put a mark on them so you can rest assured these straps will last a very long time.

FOX KNIVES/ATC COMANCHE TOMAHAWK ReviewThe liner of the sheath is thick, durable plastic similar to the plastic skid plates you find on 4 wheelers and buggies, so if you know what I'm talking about you know this material lasts for years getting banged against rocks and trees. I have taken the axe out a great many times. It has never even marked the inside or cut it in any way (and believe me this tool is SHARP). The sheath has been designed so that even if both retaining straps come off, your axe is still very unlikely to fall out. The axe slides handle first down through the sheath like a pistol. This sheath is one of the best axe sheaths i have seen.

FOX KNIVES/ATC COMANCHE TOMAHAWK ReviewNow for the axe: If I could sum up the axe in a few words it would be 'they've done it right!' They have used high quality stainless steel, 5mm thick. With all the chopping and prying I did with the tool I wasn't able to damage it.



FOX KNIVES/ATC COMANCHE TOMAHAWK ReviewThis does come at a price. The axe does feel heavy when you first use it but after a few hours you don't even notice the weight. Another thing to point out about weight is that you need it when it comes to a chopping axe or large chopping knife. I have reviewed many knives that were light and when it comes to chopping they were very inadequate for the task. If you plan on carrying this tool for long hikes, you may find the weight too much. This isn't a camping axe, but if you're looking for a survival/breaching tool you're getting just what's needed!

FOX KNIVES/ATC COMANCHE TOMAHAWK ReviewOn both the top and bottom of the axe you will find points not beveled enough to hurt you if you bang into them. The Comanche is just right for penetrating things like cinder blocks, brick and can also be used as a less lethal jabbing tool. Cutouts have been used strategically throughout the axe to reduce weight. These cutouts double as lashing points, allowing you to attach the axe to a pole for more leverage and power when chopping. On both sides of the handle there are slabs of composite G10, one of my favorite materials due to its light weight, durability and great grip in both wet and dry conditions.

FOX KNIVES/ATC COMANCHE TOMAHAWK ReviewThe head is one of the best-designed parts of this tool. I have used many tomahawks and when you use them you sometimes find out that the point on the back is too long and if you're not careful you can easily bang yourself or harm yourself very badly.

But the Comanche is well designed in this aspect – they have made a point that is both shorter (so you have less of a chance of getting hit when chopping) and shield-like, with a bevel similar to a large fighting knife. This makes for great penetration but it does make the point much lighter-duty so you need to use it accordingly. The business end of the axe, the cutting head, is a standard size and shape that you see on many tomahawks with a slightly upward slope on the top and a dropping point on the bottom and is one of my favorite types of axe heads for multi tasking!

FOX KNIVES/ATC COMANCHE TOMAHAWK ReviewFOX KNIVES/ATC COMANCHE TOMAHAWK ReviewLastly I want to point out this is the same axe designed by Mr. Sibert for the AMERICAN TOMAHAWK COMPANY and is manufactured by FOX for both ATC and FOX MD. The only difference I can see is the ATC version has black G10 slabs but both axes are the very same top quality tool. These axes are a little more in price but like my dear old dad used to say, you get what you pay for and this is a product worth every penny!

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