Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe Review

Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe ReviewYears ago I was looking for an axe that wasn't going to fail; I've had axes split in cold weather and others that you couldn't even put an edge on. So after spending many years dealing with cheap axes from places like Canadian tire I set out to find a high quality one. I will admit I didn't even think that there was good ones out there anymore.


Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe ReviewMany years ago a man could go to the local hardware store and find a axe that would last nearly a life time but I though those days were long gone till I found Wetterlings. The Wetterlings axes have been a welcome addition to my camping gear and one that I have used for year trouble free. I say years because this is the second one I have acquired and the difference between my older one is mostly size.

Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe ReviewThe hunter model comes in four sizes 10" 13" 16" 20" I have owned both the 13 inch and 20 inch and between the two I do prefer the 20". The 13" is great and we still use it all the time, but it tends to be more of a camp axe, one you would use around the fire and doing carving and building tasks. Why I prefer the 20" model is the head is the same but the handle is longer so you're not getting that much more weight, but you have the longer handle for when you find the need to cut any larger trees or do task where one needs to use more force. The larger axe handle allows you to achieve much more power when it comes to chopping, but it still works just as good as the smaller version and very seldom does it get in the way for small cutting tasks.

Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe ReviewThere is one thing no one thinks of when buying a backpacking or camping axe and that is a sheath, I have priced what it cost to have one made for an axe and it will set you back over $30 bucks. Getting a quality sheath for your axe head is a must, so you're not cutting into your backpack or god forbid you fall on the blade. The small high quality leather sheath that Wetterlings includes with every axe will save you a world of problems and you must factor in that price when you're buying any other axe for camping!

Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe ReviewSome of the best features you get with a Wetterlings axe is they are all handmade you're not getting any cheap axes heads like you find at Canadian tire or hardware stores. These axes heads are made from Silicon, manganese and vanadium combined into an alloy that has been hardened to 58-59° Rock-well and this will give you both strength and still retain the ability to be sharpened to an almost razor like point. When you have an axe like this that is made from much higher quality materials and is tempered so well it gives you just what you want a long lasting axe head but one that can be sharpened to a very fine edge and not all axes can be sharpened this way. The finer you sharpen them the easier they are to blunt because of the cheaper steel but I have found Wetterlings to be one of the finest traditional axes on the market.

One of the reason why I like the hunter versions so much is they have been designed not only to be an axe but a true all around tool. I was always taught that an axe was like a knife just another tool that woodsmen used, and this tool can do a lot more than just cut wood. My father and I have used axes to quarter up deer, moose and even carving along with many other projects that people never think of doing with an axe. So when a true woodsmen buys an axe they don't mind paying for top quality because it's something that you're going to use all year around and for a great deal of tasks.

Now I want to point out some things about the handle I know it's a small part of the axe but in my eyes its one of the most important parts. Wetterlings has true hart of hickory handles they are made from the center of the Hickory tree where the wood is the hardest. Why this is so important is if you ever had to change an axe head way back in the woods you know what I'm talking about, but if you buy top quality handles you very seldom have to find out what this task entails and it is truly a pain. The best thing about the handle is how comfortable it is.

I have use so many axes over the year I can tell you, most handles are crap very poor quality and both fall apart fast and are nowhere near as nice as these. Wetterlings axes are contoured to your hands so that they fit perfectly in the hand and one of the places you notice a big difference is near the butt of the axe handle. It curves inward and almost hugs the hand when your chopping appose to cheaper axes that the handles are just straight or curved weird and some I have seen are even warped.

Now it's not lost on me that these axes are pricier than some you find at the hardware store, but I have been there and I have used axes that cost from $5 all the way up to the Wetterlings and when it comes to a traditional axe there is none better than Wetterlings that I have used. The price of this axe is around $100 but I can speak from experience when you buy one you will thank god you did and will soon see that every penny you spent was well spent!

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