SOG Double Headed Axe Review

SOG Double Headed Axe ReviewI've been a big fan of the SOG tomahawk since I first seen them a few years ago, but even thought its great and I really liked the new handle that they made for them, I wanted something that was more orientated to the outdoors and again SOG comes through!

SOG Double Headed Axe ReviewThey have taking the great handle form the SOG tomahawk made form Fiberglass and Nylon and crafted a whole new head for it in a design that I think many outdoorsmen will like. The head is made from 420 steel same as many of the SOG knives are, I've use many of these handles over the years and they are some of the most durable and longest lasting handles I have ever seen and I have never seen one break only bend but never break!

The Handle can be a little slippy when it gets real wet or if you're using winter nylon gloves so I would have to recommend that if your using it you use leather or gloves with a little grip it will make your job much easier in cold weather. I have also used this axe handle in the summer and it hot weather its great works very well and is ideal in hot climates because you don't have to worry about it getting wet or damaged like you do with wood!

SOG Double Headed Axe ReviewThe head of the axe is much heavier than the Tomahawk because its thicker and more solidly made with no cutouts like the other hawk has and you want that when it comes to an axe because I have review many axes where the blades where light weight sure, it made them good for carry but they were so light that they were good for nothing and would not even cut branches that a small knife would!

Now why would I need a double bladed axe you may ask, well it comes down to this when you have an axe like this it cuts down on the time you need to stop and do maintenance on it like shaping it. This is why lumberjacks use them because it allows them to do more work in less time and when you work in a wood lot you get paid for how much you cut so time is money.

SOG Double Headed Axe ReviewIf you're using this axe as a breaching axe I feel the tomahawk one would work better for them type of tasks because of the blade shape. The tomahawk version has a forward chisel like blade that allows for far better cutting threw wood doors and wall but don't get me wrong this axe is just as good but having used both if my primary task was to be breaching door rather than trees I would use the tomahawk I feel the double bladed axe is best suited to the needs of the outdoors person!

For all them Tomahawk lovers out there who want one for the woods but what one that is more made for the wilderness not battle this would be your pick it giving you two ends for more work ensuring you can get your shelter built before dark and the blades are more like a camping axe giving you great chopping ability.

The sheath of this axe is just like that tomahawk version made of ballistic nylon with snaps to secure your axe and a belt loop for your attachment options. Some many ask would I use something like that? and I would say definitely in fact I have been looking for an axe like this for awhile, that wasn't so heavy and this is just what I had in mind and I'm a big fan in my book SOG has a hit on their hands!

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