Ontario Ranger Knives RD Hawk Review

Ontario Ranger Knives RD Hawk ReviewWhen it comes to axes in the outdoor they tend to be very heavy and carrying one around all day can be a real task. For this reason I tend to stick with tomahawks they retain all the copping ability of an axe but are cut down versions. Which will serve for backpacking and camping much better and it never hurts to cut down on weight any where you can. Even thought this model is sold steel it is lighter than a full size axe.


12" Overall
0.25" Thickness
1075 Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Micarta
Nylon Sheath
Made in USA

Ontario Ranger Knives RD Hawk ReviewOntario Ranger Knives RD Hawk ReviewThe Ranger Knives RD Hawk is a 12" hatchet style tomahawk with Micarta slabs for a handle which can be taken off and switched with a full paracord wrap handle very easily this tool is outstanding as a camping tool but equally doubles as an entry tool or emergency escape tool should you have to escape from your home or even a car or plane I feel confident saying that you could cut threw light steel or aluminum very easily. The size of the Hawk is about the size of any small hatchet or fire axe you may find in a plane but this one has things you won't find with a hatchet. One it's lighter and even though this axe is made from one piece of high carbon steel its thinner then a traditional axe head therefore the weight is less but still retains just as much strength and power.

Ontario Ranger Knives RD Hawk ReviewOntario Ranger Knives RD Hawk ReviewThis axe comes in two models which you can get it with or without the pick if you're inclined. Myself I prefer the pick because I use it as a wood pick to move trees and drag large logs and its ideal for this purpose. The Ranger hawks are a great way to bring a axe on your trip without lugging large handles. You can always get by with a large knife but if you're going to spend any time long term in the woods you're going to find some things are done best with an axe like cutting large notches in trees when building semi permanent shelters.

Ontario Ranger Knives RD Hawk ReviewSome things I really like about the RD hawk is that it does look like a hardcore entry tool but still acts and feels like a camping axe so you get that cool look without losing any of its functionality as a true camp axe. The next thing to really point out is the great sheath that comes with the RD Hawk this is by far the best sheath I have seen with a small hawk like this it holds the axe very well and has molle attachments on the back so you can latch it to any pack. the materials in this sheath are higher then what I have seen in other Ontario knives its padded and just looks and feel much better put together and I really am pleased with it!

Ontario Ranger Knives RD Hawk ReviewThe thing about entry tools and tomahawks is they all tend to have a large pick on the back like the Vietnam tomahawks had now these large picks where good for fighting but then it came to chopping tasks you really need to watch out for that pick and it was easy to catch yourself with it. But the RD pick is much smaller than the Vietnam style hawks but still large enough to be useful and it shows you don't have to overdo it to make it useful.


Ontario Ranger Knives RD Hawk ReviewNow most tools I have used I have found at least one thing I didn't like or was not up to par but the RD hawk is one where I can't find any down side to it. It's very well thought out and the materials are great and even the sheath is well made. The RD hawk from Rangers and Ontario knifes makes a ideal camping axe that looks great well still being a true work tool and of all the tools I own this is one of the axes I really like to use and would recommend it to anyone who wants a great axe.

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