Wetterling Axe Small Review

Wetterling Axe Small ReviewSome people think that you can just go out and buy a good axe form Canadian tire for 5 buck but you could not be more wrong . There are good axes out there but finding one that is just what you want is very hard believe me I have looked.

Wetterling Axe Small ReviewThe axe is one of the most used and must have pieces of kit when it comes to bushcraft. But finding a good one can be a taxing ordeal! Something to look for is a high quality head like the wetterling axes have because the key to a good axe is the steel and you can't find better then the Wetterling Axes this Swedish company has been making high quality axes for over 127 years so when it comes to axes they have it down to a science!

Wetterling Axe Small ReviewAll there axes are hand forged which makes their quality unparallel from anything you will find at your local hardware store. The Wetterling Swedish steel is some of the best in the world and when it comes to knives and axes you need to go far to find better one. The hardness of the steel in these axes is 58-59 Rock-well which gives you that perfect marrying between a very hard and durable steel and still being able to sharpen it to a razor sharp edge that will last.




Wetterling Axe Small ReviewWetterling Axe SmallWhen it comes to a handle you want a hard one that can take many years of duty without breaking cheaper wood handles will break way faster than these axe handles because they're not made like wetterlings are. When it comes to a handle Wetterling have some of the best I have seen not only are they hickory but they're heart of hickory and for people who don't know this is the center of the hickory tree where it's the densest and hardest.

This creates a axe handle that is very strong and will last many years before it needs to be replaced! The design of these axe handles should not be over looked they are shaped in just a way that makes it very comfortable both chopping and using it as a hammer which really surprised me because axes I have used before where very hard on the hand and wrist when it came to using them as a hammer but these handles are great and I was surprise how well they were shaped!

Wetterling Axe Small ReviewYou will notice this one looks a little different because I have hand sanded the head to reveal the very nice looking steel but it's far from done and this is just one of the things you can do to make this axe looks just as beautiful as it works.

The Wetterling company makes many sizes everywhere from the smallest camping axe to the largest splitting axe. Now something I want to address with these axes is they do cost more than the common axe but you need to factor in the much greater quality and the fact that they all come with a sheath. Why is a sheath so important well it's a must because without one you will cut yourself or your gear and buying a aftermarket sheath will cost you $20 to $40 bucks to have one made for a axe because I know I have priced them. When you factor in all that the price isn't that big of a difference from far cheaper quality axes so I strongly recommend people check out the Wetterling axes from Workwear Canada!

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