SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk Review

SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk ReviewThe SOG fusion tomahawk I will admit when I first got it in knowing that SOG made the fusion line to be more affordable for people to buy the first thing that came to mind would they be as good as SOGs other products and does lower cost equal lower quality.


SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk ReviewAfter using the hawk for awhile now I can say with full confidence that this tool is every bit as good as any SOG product. The hawk has a handle made similar to the Gerber axes and everyone knows that those handles are very durability. Now the head of the hawk I was expecting a lower cost product but the head of the tool is fantastic fully solid stainless steel head and one piece which make it very strong and sharp as a razor.

SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk ReviewThe benefits of having a tool like this is it works just as good as a axe in the woods as it does for a breaching tool and for them people who don't know what that is a breaching tool is any tool that is use to break or "breach "doors windows or any other Opstical you my run across in a urban environment making it a must have for your bug out bag.


SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk ReviewSOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk ReviewAnother thing I thought of was all the people in the Katrina disaster who took refuge in there attic only to fund out that when the water rises to the roof they were trapped.




SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk ReviewThe SOG fusion hawk could have saved lives by having it on hand with your survival kit so when the time came and the water was too high to get back down into the house you could have easily chopped your way out on to your roof to escape the water. This is just one example of where a tool like this could be worth its weight in gold because of its ability to perform more than just tasks that an axe would.

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