Fiskars Axes Review

Fiskars Axes ReviewFiskars is a manufacture of many gardening products but one of there best products Is there axes. You're hard to find any forum on the internet where you will not find at least one person talking about how great they are. Of all the info I have read on these axes I haven't found one person who has anything bad to say about them or who has managed to break one. The handles of all there axes are made of a reinforced fiberglass composite that is very strong well still being super light.


Fiskars Axes ReviewThese axe heads come in many sizes and forms from large full size axe head to small hatchets and splitter heads. The first axe we tried out had a splitting head. A splitting head is designed so it acts as a wedge when the axe head is driven into a piece of wood the two wedge like parts on each side of the head will drive the wood away making a very efficient cut.


Fiskars Axes ReviewSplitting axes are designed for one thing splitting but you can Use them for other used if you want but one thing you will find is that the head is fair heaver because of the shape of the head not a great choice for backpacking but ideal for the camp.



Fiskars Axes ReviewThe other axes we tested were two sizes one small hatchet and another full size axe. The hatchet was fantastic small sharp and easy to carry just about any were. We tested the axes on oak which was bone dry one thing about oak is when its dry it becomes denser and harder but the axes went thru the wood like butter. The larger of the two is great for those people who like a full size axe with the fiskars axe you get the full size head but almost no additional weight because the handle is so light over a wood handle.Therefore even if you wanted to backpack a full size axe it could be done very easily because of the fact you're only really carrying the head the handle weights next to nothing.

Fiskars Axes ReviewAll of fiskars axe heads are coated with a non stick coating that will cut down on friction and keep the axe from sticking in the wood which you find other cheaper axes do and you get that squeaking when you pull it out. The non-stick coating is highly durable I have yet to get any of the coating to come off the axe which has impressive me. Now one thing people will ask is will the head separate from the handle or become lose "nope". These handles are formed around the head when they are made.

Fiskars Axes ReviewFiskars Axes ReviewThis process makes them very hard to break lose. And even if you ever do by some stretch of the imagination get the head to loosen up there guaranteed for life so you will get a new one. So is the fiskars axes worth the money absolutely they are very high quality and I have found them to be extremely reasonably priced for the small hatchet it comes in at around 22 bucks. This is a phenomenal price for the quality you're getting in a hatchet that will last you an incredibly long time.

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