Fiskars Winter Shovel Review

Fiskars Winter Shovel ReviewRecently I found myself in need of a quality winter shovel that I could use both as a emergency shovel and as a backpacking shovel. After spending a few days on the Internet researching the types and quality of shovels one thing that I found that seemed to be the theme was the shovels were made with either plastic or aluminum blades. Sure these type of blades make a shovel light but provide very poor quality in the long run. The plastic shovels are nearly useless when you are up against hard icy snow and as for aluminum in cold weather both aluminum and plastic will crack and break.

Fiskars Winter Shovel ReviewSo that's why I was so excited when I found this shovel from fiskars. This shovel that they have produced as an emergency shovel is by far my favorite. The handle of the shovel is designed like their axes with the reinforced composite handle which is nearly impossible to break. The next feature is probably my favorite the blade is designed of steel but this steel is light enough to be backpack but still very strong because of the way the blade is designed they have put long divot channels along the blade that allows cutting down on weight while still retaining a lot of strength. This shovel worked in all conditions excellent and was so strong in fact that I am going to test it out in the summer to see how it performs on hard ground.

Fiskars Winter Shovel ReviewThe blade of that shovel is protected in a hard paint like material Fiskars Winter Shovelthat is very hard to scratch off and the feature I like the most is that the blade is screwed to the handle. The fact that the blade is screwed to the handle instead of pop riveted makes it great if you need to tighten up later in the field although the blade has not moved or come loose it's nice to have the option of being able to tighten it anywhere at any time.

Fiskars Winter Shovel ReviewYou will find with other shovels they are either molded blades or the aluminum is pop riveted to the handle in both are poor quality and will let you down in the long run because everyone knows pop rivets come loose and plastic breaks and the bottom line is your going to have to buy another shovel. This fiskars shovel is far better than anything you're going to find and for the price it will costs you it would be crazy not to buy one you can pick up a shovel for well under 30 bucks and if you do the research that I have you will find that this is an exceptional price for an exceptional product.



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