Crusader Forge TCFM 02 Review

Crusader Forge TCFM 02 ReviewThe TCFM 02 is a blade I've been waiting to review for awhile now. Crusader Forge was kind enough to send me one of their fantastic TCFM 02 custom made for me! That's right folks theses knives are made to order, all Crusader Forge knives are custom-made to what the buyer desires. If you're looking for a green, brown or back handle you can get it, or if you want a different looking finish on the blade they have a number of them.


Crusader Forge TCFM 02 ReviewI ordered this one with a green handle and 3D Finish because I wanted it to match my other favorite knife, my Zero Tolerance ZT 301 and as you can see from the photo the people at Crusader Forge did an outstanding job!




Crusader Forge TCFM 02 ReviewThis allows you to get one of the best knives on the market, made the way you want it. This way you're not using some knife that was bought at a store and looks like every other knife you see, it's one of the few made which makes it special!



Crusader Forge TCFM 02 ReviewThe TCFM 02 is not your typical light tactical knife! This knife is made to do work, similar to the ESEE RC5 or SERE knife. It's a very thick 0.250" and I will even say Unbreakable with normal bushcraft and tactical tasks. The steel in the TCFM 02 is CPM S30V is a martensitic stainless steel that is manufactured to provide the user with the corrosion resistance of stainless steel but with very hard properties like high carbon blades. You can read all about it on the Crusader Forge website HERE.

Crusader Forge TCFM 02 ReviewFor me all the technical info doesn't mean much if the knife doesn't perform the way I need it to! I've been using the TCFM02 for about a month now, for just about everything you can think of from cutting open cans of soup to bushcraft and its been one of, if not the best knife I've used!


Crusader Forge TCFM 02 ReviewI like it so much that I'm now carrying it in my EDC every time I go to the woods and if something should happen I would also use it in my main bug out bag. What makes the knife so great for me is not only is it extremely tough, but at 3.75" it's short enough to do just about anything task a bushcrafter would need. The blade is thick but when it comes to the point it's tapered in such a way that makes very fine tasks easy, which is not the case with all thick knives!


I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive when it came to the handle design, that simple step design is something I've never seen on a knife before and I didn't really think it would be very comfortable on the hand. But Crusader Forge made a believer out of me for sure! Even thought this handle doesn't look like all the other designs out there, it's just as good if not better in my book! The design of the steps is awesome and allows you to get two fingers into each step on the handle and the large ridge (or as I'm calling it, a step) works very well and even serves as a brake against your fingers to keep the blade from slipping up and down in the hand!

Crusader Forge TCFM 02 ReviewOne of the nicest things about getting a custom knife is it's like buying a new car, you get to pick your color of paint and style. Crusader Forge has a number of blade styles and finishes, this knife has the 3D finish but you can also get other custom finishes like "Phantom" (that has a oily look), the "Mil-Spec" (green), KG2418 Titanium (satin-like finish), KG2401 F (flat black) and one of their new styles the A.C.U Digital (it's a pattern that looks similar and matches A.C.U. BDUs) so you can pick whatever style suits you and your needs, but keep in mind some many cost extra!

Crusader Forge TCFM 02 ReviewThe sculpted G10 handles are nothing short of beautiful, and I haven't used that word in a review ever but I feel this is ideally suited in this description; they're made from thick G10 (in this case green) that has been flawlessly crafted around a full tang blade. You can't even feel a groove between the blade steel and G10. I very seldom see this much craftsmanship or flawless work in any knife. The G10 is held on with two simple, standard Allen pins which are easy to tighten if they should every come loose which is a big help and is something to look for in a good knife (easy maintenance!). You also have your standard lanyard hole that will accommodate a paracord lanyard without any real effort, unlike some knives where the hole is just big enough and that's it.

Crusader Forge TCFM 02 ReviewNow I have to come to the part of this knife I don't like, just joking I love it! But there is one thing that doesn't work for me - the Tek-Lok. It has nothing to do with the knife itself, just that I prefer the style of clip that comes with most ESEE knives which fits perfectly into MOLLE straps on most kits. But I want to also say I've been carrying the Tek-Lok on this knife for a month now and when it comes to wearing this clip style on the belt I have to give it to Tek-lok, it's very easy to get on and off and holds well to a wider belt like my BDU belt, so for me it depends on where I will be carrying the knife. If you're a belt person go with the Tek-lok it's great, but if you prefer to strap the knife to some kind of MOLLE-compatible gear then go with the MOLLE locks.

Lastly I want to thank Crusader Forge for sending us an outstanding knife! It not only has far surpassed any expectations I had, it also has worked out great as a bushcraft knife. As most of you know, I like to keep a list of my favorite knives that I've used over the years and I've been so impressed with the TCFM 02 from Crusader Forge that I've added to my list, in the top three! It has the style I like with a remarkably strong blade, which also holds a razors edge! But most importantly the knife can unquestionably take anything you can throw at it making the TCFM 02 one of my top three favorites!

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