Katadyn Pocket Water Filter Review

Katadyn Pocket Water Filter ReviewI've personally been using KATADYN water filters for over 10 years and have never had a problem with them. This is one of the reasons I keep buying and using them! If you have the money and you want the best without question, this model is the one you want. The KATADYN Pocket filter is without question the ROLEX of water filters.


Katadyn Pocket Water Filter ReviewThe KATADYN Pocket filter is the only portable water filter that is guaranteed for life! This is possible because rather than being made of plastic parts it's made form aluminum and stainless steel with silicone seals and a ceramic filter!



Katadyn Pocket Water Filter ReviewThis filter is a little different than cheaper filters in that it works just like nature. In nature water is purified by being filtered through rocks and the ground, and this is similar to how this filter works, using ceramic to work like stone forcing water through it to purify the water.



Katadyn Pocket Water Filter ReviewKatadyn Pocket Water Filter ReviewNow I'm going to address something that is a very big misconception about 90% of water filters on the market. That is, they can make water 100% safe to drink. This is totally true if you're living in places like North America where water is fairly clean and the filter can take the rest out, but there are places around the world where not even the KATADYN Pocket filter can get the water totally safe to drink. In many parts of the world you will still have to boil the water to make it 100% safe. Still, the KATADYN Pocket filter can filter all the way down to greater than 0.2 microns which in most cases will cover all impurities. If you should find yourself in third world countries or places where you just know that WATER IS BAD, it's always best to boil after filtering to be 100% sure!

Katadyn Pocket Water Filter ReviewLike all KATADYN products the Pocket Filter is Swiss made and is both designed and manufactured to the standard we all come to know from the Swiss, nothing but the best! Most water filters which run you around 100 bucks tend to filter around 2000 liters of water, but the Pocket Filter can produce over 50,000L or 13,000 gallons of water and it all comes down to, is it worth it?


Katadyn Pocket Water Filter ReviewLet's break it down. The KATADYN Pocket filter will filter 50,000L or 13,000 gallons

Your filters that run around $100 will filter 2000 liters

It all comes down to money for me, is the more expensive KATADYN Pocket filter worth it?

The replacement filter for the KATADYN Pocket filter will run you around $170 to replace which is pricey but let's compare that to the cheaper versions. You pay 100 bucks for the cheaper version, then you need to replace the filter every 2000L. Now let's do the math: 2000L goes into 50,000 25 times and each filter (of the cheaper kind) will cost $31.00, $31.00 times 25 comes out to $775 and when you add your additional cost of $100 bucks for the filter your grand total for the cheaper filter is $875!! To filter the same amount of water! And keep in mind if you were to buy all the filters at once you would need a duffle bag to carry them all, but with the KATADYN Pocket filter you get the same capability of all other filters in a small pouch that will fit in your pack pocket!

Katadyn Pocket Water Filter ReviewNow I used a generality of water quality and used figures from both water filters at optimal performance. I know that the KATADYN Pocket filter seems pricey at $300 but when you do the math like I have, you can see that so called cheaper filter is going to cost you just shy of 3 times the price of the KATADYN Pocket filter to get the same amount of performance, and that's not to mention all the travel to go buy filter over 25 times, or shipping cost if you order online!

I also wanted to point out that from a survival aspect, you may not have the chance to go out and buy a filter (no stores in the woods) and when it comes to long term survival you want the best for the size and money so the KATADYN Pocket filter is just want you want!

Katadyn Pocket Water Filter ReviewWith the KATADYN Pocket filter you get two hoses (one for in, one for out) with a bottle clip, one pre filter (to filter out suet) and a float (to keep it off the bottom of the brook), a tube of lubricant so you can keep the seals working properly, two cleaning pads and a filter gauge. This all comes in a nice case. The gauge, which will tell you when the filter needs to be replaced, is perfectly designed so that it works like a measurement caliper - if you're able to pass this C-shaped caliper right over the filter's diameter it's time to replace, if not it's still good!

There are only two down sides people will notice with this filter. One is the cost which I think I made quite clear it's worth it, and the other is weight; at 20oz it's a little heavier than most filters but that weight is why it's guaranteed for life – it's durable and can take a lot of punishment unlike light plastic models!

Bottom line, when it comes to a filter and you want the best, the KATADYN Pocket filter is the best you will find! It's guaranteed for life, will outlast any portable filter on the market and it will save you tons of money in the long run over cheaper plastic models. That's why I went with the KATADYN, I wanted to buy one and have it for years and the Pocket filter fit the bill to a tee!

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