Casio Pathfinder PAW 1300G Watch Review

Casio Pathfinder PAW 1300G Watch ReviewI recently reviewed the PAW 2000 and I thought, what a great watch - it has everything and it's both waterproof and solar powered! I pretty much thought it couldn't get any better than this but I was wrong!


Casio Pathfinder PAW 1300G Watch ReviewThis new model I'm testing out, the PAW 1300G, is not only very pleasing to the eye with its all black construction and hunter orange accents, it's also smaller, which is phenomenal for a watch with so much inside it! That's why I really like this pathfinder watch and have added it to my Bug Out Bag. Here are some other reasons why I think this watch is one of the best!



Casio Pathfinder PAW 1300G Watch ReviewThey're solar powered, giving you not only a worry-free watch but one that is not going to need to have its battery changed all the time! I've owned many watches over the years and one thing no one ever thinks of is maintenance, this is something that can really cost in the long run with a watch (like my Swiss Army which cost me 50 bucks each time I changed the battery, which was almost twice a year!!). Having a solar powered watch like this Casio saves you money and it's a real survival watch; with a survival watch I want something that is maintenance free and durable and Casio delivers!

Casio Pathfinder PAW 1300G Watch ReviewThis watch also has a compass which is something that you want for survival, but often watches with a compass use way more power than other watches so they have to have batteries changed all the time. This is where the Casio Pathfinder watches come out ahead - they are self-sustaining because they're solar powered and charge every time they're exposed to the sun!


Casio Pathfinder PAW 1300G Watch ReviewOn a full charge the Casio PAW1300 can run for approximately 5 years before it needs to be exposed to the sun to charge but it charges every time it's in the sun, so it tops up making sure you always have a watch that will run! I also like that the watch has an auto shut off, this is where the watch will shut off the screen when it's packed away or doesn't sense any movement or light. This also saves power, keeping your watch from running down if it's packed away or in storage.

Casio Pathfinder PAW 1300G Watch ReviewA very useful feature of the PAW1300 is auto illumination. You can set this feature by holding the light button down till you hear a beep, and how it works is every time you spin your wrist to look at the watch the light comes on! It's best used if you're doing something that requires you to check the time often at night or you don't have your hands free to push the button - not a must have feature but a very cool and useful one nonetheless!

Casio Pathfinder PAW 1300G Watch ReviewThe features of this watch don't just stop there; it also has both a barometer and altimeter like all pathfinders. This allows you to keep track of the temperature outside or wherever the watch is, as well as the altitude you're at.

These are three of the best features of this watch, but like always Casio hasn't stopped there. They have also included Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping which will set your watch automatically or manually if you prefer. This just makes your life simpler, knowing that when the time switches for daylight savings time and so on it's always right and because it's always right you're always on time, and who wouldn't like that!

How the whole atomic watch thing works is, the watch receives signals that are bounced around all over the world which set all atomic clocks wirelessly. This ensures that not only will your watch be set correctly all the time but it will be precise like all other atomic clocks!

I also wanted to mention another thing about Casio... not all companies do this but Casio has an archive of all their watch manuals which you can download for free, so never again do you have to worry about misplacing your watch manual. Not that it's big deal for some watches, but for the Casio pathfinder with all its features it's convenient to keep a manual on hand in case you forget, and it's nice to see a company who will give you a manual for free and not charge you for one like a lot of companies do!

With the PAW1300 you get all the great features I mentioned above as well as all the basic features found in all Casio watches like 6 stop watch modes and alarms, a setting for both world time and your time, fully illuminating face, and date and day readout just to name a few. You can check out all the full list of features HERE!!. Lastly this watch comes with an added accessory - an additional strap. This strap is designed so that it's larger and has give like an elastic band. This is so it can be worn on the outside of expedition jackets and can both take temperatures and be easier to read... after all you don't want to take your mitts off and check the time when it's 35 below and skin can freeze in seconds, or as we call it here in Canada just another winter's day!

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