Source Hydration Systems UTA (Universal Tube Adapter) Review

Source Hydration Systems UTA (Universal Tube Adapter) ReviewWhen I first started mountain biking, at the high point I was biking nearly 80 miles a week. One of the things I found which wasn't a big deal but it was a pain, was having to pull the water bladder out of my pack and fill it up all the time. One day in uptown Calgary I had just bought a 2L bottle of water and wanted to fill my pack, and it came to me, why they don't just make an adapter that you can screw onto the bottle and attach to the hose of your water bladder system. It never made sense to me to take the whole hydration system out of the pack when you had the hose hanging right there on your shoulder. After all, if you drink water from it why can't you put water back in the same way!


Source Hydration Systems UTA (Universal Tube Adapter) ReviewThe UTA or (Universal Tube Adapter) is just that - a universal adapter that can fill your hydration bladder right through the hose that you drink from as well as many other sources! The UTA was designed so that you could fill your pack from taps, bottles, jugs, garden hoses and even military water jugs. Now let's fast forward 8 years to present day, finally a company has come out with just that!! I make it no secret, that SOURCE is one of my, if not my favorite company for water hydration system for many reasons, and they have come out with one more - the UTA!

Source Hydration Systems UTA (Universal Tube Adapter) ReviewHow it works is it has a large expandable rubber coupling that is ribbed allowing it to fit over many different sizes of taps and bottles. What you do is unclip your drink valve and clip in the UTA, then push the UTA on to any water source and turn on the water which forces the water up into the tube and right into the bladder. Once the bladder is full the ribbed baffle will expand to let you know that no more water can fit. This is all done with pressure; once the baffle has too much pressure it will expand as an indicator to disconnect. If something should happen that you leave the UTA connected, you don't have to worry. Once the bladder is full the baffle of the UTA will expand to the point where it will self disconnnect, which makes this little attachment not only awesome but smart as well!

Source Hydration Systems UTA (Universal Tube Adapter) ReviewSource Hydration Systems UTA (Universal Tube Adapter) ReviewThe UTA comes in two models; one which is blue for people who don't want or need camo, and one for people like me, olive green my favorite color. Another reason why I really like the military version is, not only is it green, but you can get a sweet pouch for your UTA in any military or camo color you need or want. This allows you to have the small adapter pouch right on your vest, pack or plate carrier ready to go, so you don't have to dig for it in your pack, which if your pack looks like mine it would take a while to find!

Source Hydration Systems UTA (Universal Tube Adapter) ReviewSource Hydration Systems UTA (Universal Tube Adapter) ReviewWhat makes this system work so well is SOURCE's quick release system on all their water bladder hoses. With just a push of a button you can disengage either the hose or just the hose tip allowing you to attach the UTA with just a click! I've used many systems like SOURCEs QMT (Quick Connect Hose Fitting) but all pale in comparison to this system. With others systems once you disconnected the hose, any residual water would end up spraying out, but with SOURCEs QMT every time you disengage the hose even if the pack is full you don't spill a drop! This works similar to gas hose systems used on the back of big rigs once its uncoupled it locks itself closed. This is something that I feel should have not been over looked by other companies, because if you disengage that hose and it doesn't lock up it can mean the difference between life and death in the desert!

Source Hydration Systems UTA (Universal Tube Adapter) ReviewI carry the UTA everywhere I go and it's been outstanding, allowing me to fill up and be on my way in seconds. No longer do I have to,take the pack off, pull the bladder out, open it, pour in the water, put it all back in, hell it even sounds time consuming when I say it! Now with the UTA all I do is unclip my hose tip, lock on to the bottle and pour, and you're done! I think it doesn't get any simpler or faster than that!



Source Hydration Systems UTA (Universal Tube Adapter) ReviewIf you're on the go all the time and you want, if not need, a way to fill your water system quickly without having to take it off then the UTA is the ultimate solution and a must have!




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