XGO FR Shemagh (Flame Retardant) Review

XGO FR Shemagh (Flame Retardant) ReviewI've always like Shemaghs, a small piece of gear that can do far more than just cover your head. What's makes the XGO version so special is that it's totally fire resistant, hence the FR in the name. Many will say who cares, but I will tell you this, I've seen what can happen to both cloth and nylon head covers around or near fire and it's not pretty! If it catches fire it often melts into the skin and aside from the horrific results it takes a life time to get out!

So when I saw that XGO was making the FR (fire resistant) Shemagh I was excited. One of the reasons I use military gear all the time is because I prefer to use products that are fire resistant whenever possible. With military gear I can get both the fire resistant and the product in my favorite colors so why not!

I've seen the limitations of non-fire resistant products, and it's not just for military use for me! One year camping my buddy got to close to a fire and his nylon jacket melted in a blink of an eye. He nearly didn't get it off in time so ever since then I've always tried to get fire resistant versions, especially when you're working around fire and hot ATV and engines and when the layer is close to the skin like gloves and hats!

XGO FR Shemagh (Flame Retardant) ReviewThe Shemagh made by XGO is made of a Modacrylic and Rayon Blend that has been treated with both Ag47 Anti-Microbial Protection as well as flame-retardant properties to come up with a great FR version of the Shemagh. Something I noticed one day when using it (I often use it as a hood like you would have on a hooded sweater to keep flies away) that once I put it on there were no flies. I don't know if it was just me or that they didn't like the fabric, but it kind of worked like a bug repellant - maybe I spilled some OFF on it, I have no idea but I thought that was interesting!

The Modacrylic and Rayon Blend feels very much like rough cotton and seems to be getting softer with use as I've been using it for 2 months now! The Shemagh is very light weight and wicks moisture well, allowing you to wipe sweat away and the material dries in no time so you're not wet all day or when night falls.

The version I used was not exactly like the version on their website, but is in one of the traditional patterns used in theMiddle East. This Shemagh comes in two versions: dark tan and light tan. I'm using the darker version which I really like, and in fact I like it so much I carry it every day in my pack! It has so many uses – I find it particularly valuable for lying out, to keep anything you're taking apart in one place, such as a gun or piece of gear with small parts. If something should happen, you can just wrap up the piece of gear you're working on and drop it in your bag without losing anything!

All in all I love the Shemagh and only wish it was more like traditional ones around the edging and had the tasseling to help with tying. Not that it's hard but I just like the way traditional ones are and it helps in a Camo aspect to break up the pattern (traditional kind of looks like grass or weeds around the edge like they have in the ones on XGO's website) and that is just about my only gripe with this product - I really like it!

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