XGO Shirts and Accessories Review

XGO Shirts and Accessories ReviewIf you're not familiar with XGO they make first layer gear for military, law enforcement and just about anyone who wants a high grade of first layer clothing. XGO makes a full line of clothing from a summer layer (Phase 1) all the way to deep cold weather layer (Phase 4). This clothing is designed to wick water and sweat away from the body allowing the body to stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Base layers are a must if you're going to be in the outdoors, they can make all the difference when it comes to warmth in the winter! The body uses sweat to cool down and in the winter or a survival situation this can be deadly! Sweat cools the body down but the sweat also causes the body to keep cooling even after it's reached its temperature. This is where hypothermia sets in and can kill you!

I've been using a short sleeve Phase 1 T-shirt and a Phase 4 long sleeve T-shirt from XGO; I've always used base layers and mid layers because they really make a difference when you're trying to say warm.

XGO Shirts and Accessories ReviewThere are many kinds on the market (Nike has their Dri-Fit and so on), but I prefer the ones from XGO mainly because I'm not obsessed about being fancy. I want the stuff I use to be well-made and simple; that's the way I like it and XGO delivers. They make base layer gear that comes in simple styles and great colors just the way I like it - I'm not big on stripes and embellishments, after all they don't make you go any faster regardless of what the commercials say haha! Performance is key with clothing like this, and XGO manufactures their clothing to reflect this fundamental need perfectly!

The Phase 1 T-Shirt is ideal for those long days where you're biking and there's cold wind out. It keeps the sweat away from the body allowing you to wear less clothing but say just as warm as if you were wearing a jacket. Keeping sweat off the body makes a much bigger difference than one would think and can enhance the level of warmth and can enhance any clothing you wear over it!

Now I want to get into the two Phase 4 products I tried out. Phase 4 is your deep cold base layer, designed for winter operations where you need all the warmth you can get! It's a much thicker layer, but what really struck me was how soft and silk-like it was. I tried out both the Men's Phase 4 long-sleeve crew neck and the Phase 4 Balaclava, which I would have to say is one of the best cold weather base layers I've used. XGO gear is even better than Nike or any of the commercial brands on the market in my book - after all I've use most of them!

XGO Shirts and Accessories ReviewFor one, they're far more comfortable and trap the warmth in very well. They also kick out the moisture to keep you warm and toasty and I was really impressed at the quality! One thing with base layers is you don't want any large uncomfortable seams on them, because they're so close to the body and are often made of 4-way stretch materials like XGO. You want the seams to be as small as possible and if you can, you want a garment that has as few as possible as well. This is where XGO has done everything right, they're not only well made seams, but they're flat and nearly undetectable in feel on the body, making the clothing like a second skin with no tags or rough seams to bother you!

For military and persons in the field for long terms, clothing can get, well frankly, rank! This is why many companies are putting odor kill features into their fabrics. XGO is also doing this with their fabrics like those with Ag47, a coating that contains silver anti-microbial protection. It's built into the fabric and as sweat and bacteria passes through the fabric it's attacked by Ag47, killing off the bacteria and as we know bacteria is what cases smells. By doing this the Ag47 is combating harmful bacteria and improving hygiene, the same way our men and women are combating evil in the world! Its funny our world has become so high-tech that even as you fight your clothing is doing the same!

I like how the XGO products are simple looking, not that they are not high tech or awesome. But many companies offer products that are more geared towards style over function and this is a big turn off or me. I like products like XGO where the form and function come first, this is the best way to make a product and for XGO they've deliver on all counts!

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