GERBER 06 Manual Combat Folder Review

GERBER 06 Manual Combat Folder ReviewWhen it comes to a folder I prefer a heavy one... I know a lot of guys don't, but to me a heavy folder feels like you really have something substantial that's not a toy! Now that's not to say that a light folder isn't great; in fact one I really like, is the SOG Aegis, it's light and great quality. But if I had my pick I would prefer a heavier model like the ZT-301 or in this case the new GERBER Manual Combat Folder.

Plunge Lock
Reversible Pocket Clip
Pommel – Striking for defense or egress
Hard Anodized Aluminum Handle
Partially Serrated Drop Point Tactical Blade
High Carbon Stainless Steel CPM S30V
Blade Length: 3.625 in.
Open Length: 8.625 in.
Closed Length: 5.0 in.
Weight: 6.72 oz.

GERBER 06 Manual Combat Folder ReviewThe GERBER Manual Combat Folder, or as I will be calling it "06",is not toy. This folder is manual opening as the name implies and is made in the USA from S30V High Carbon Stainless steel, with a full hard anodized aluminum machined handle. The handle of the 06 is also fully backed on the inside with steel, so it's not just aluminum.


GERBER 06 Manual Combat Folder ReviewI have to admit I find myself loving the aluminum handle, there's no flex or any indications that this handle will not hold up. Whether I'm prying or just cutting it feels more like a fixed blade than a folder. But something to keep in mind with an aluminum handle is it will get colder in winter than something like micarta, and if it's finished like the 06 (anodized aluminum) after years of use it will scratch, but I will admit I've been using tools like my SOG EOD for years and it's anodized and still looks great, a little wear but nothing really noticeable!

GERBER 06 Manual Combat Folder ReviewThe first thing I noticed when I took the knife out of the package is its very large pummel – it's not a joke! The pummel is made from a thick piece of high carbon steel, which is ideal for its purpose. The pummel was designed for either using in self-defense or as an egress tool, which for those who don't know is basically a strike tool for use on windows and other objects you need to break to get out.


GERBER 06 Manual Combat Folder ReviewThe blade of the 06 is a drop point with a partially serrated edge. Drop point basically means the blade drops and slops to the point downward. The 06 also has a clip point, which is where the top of the blade has been ground on both sides similar to the blades edge, allowing you to sharpen the top front portion of the blade for better penetration into objects. This can also be useful if you need it for cutting as is often found in fighting knifes, allowing the user to cut both on the down stroke and up.

GERBER 06 Manual Combat Folder ReviewThis model of knife was designed on the platform of GERBERS 06 auto, which is an automatic version of the 06 where your plunge lock is the release for the blade, but with the manual the plunge only releases the blade from the locked open position, so it can be closed. The first knife I used with a plunge lock was the BLACKHAWK CQD Mark I and it made opening and closing the knife with one hand very easy, and that's one of the things I like about the 06!

GERBER 06 Manual Combat Folder ReviewThe clip is one of those things I don't like from knife to knife, some are great but for the most part I would say 80% just get in the way! The clip on the 06 is great – it's tight to the handle, doesn't protrude from the handle that much, and holds very well in the pocket. Most of all when using the knife, in either right or left hand, it's not digging into your hand. This is sometimes a drawback for me as I'm ambidextrous, and it's in my nature to do different tasks with both hands, so I like the 06 because I can use it in either hand in comfort.

But if you're a lefty, even though the 06 has ambidextrous thumb studs, the plunge lock is on the left side and is not ambidextrous, so you will have to turn the knife over to close it. This isn't a big deal but after looking closely at the knife I think they could have easily made it truly ambidextrous, because the right side has nothing where the plunger would be. I'm assuming this is where the spring is but I'm sure they could have found a way around that!

GERBER 06 Manual Combat Folder ReviewAnother small note is that the GERBER 06 Manual comes with a HEX tool so it can be maintained easily which I really like. This is something I've come to love about GERBER, when it comes to their knives, when you open the box they often do a little more than other companies (like better sheaths or in this case, you get a tool to maintain your knife, a small gesture yes!) But I think they should be commended, because I haven't seen any other companies that go the extra step!

One of the main reasons I'm going with a knife like the 06 is "Manual". I've not been able to get a really good answer for here in Ontario Canada, whether or not assisted opening knives are 100% legal One person says no, the other says yes, I've even received a file from a court document where the Ontario government ruled they are 100% legal in Ontario, (but the law could have changed since that was way back in '96).

But I talked to two police officers and they say they are not legal! Crazy, right? So until I get a 110% proof document that I can carry and prove they are legal, so I won't get my ZT301 (my favorite knife and very pricey to replace) taken away, I will refrain from carrying assisted opening knives. I don't like to carry just any knife, if it's going to be my EDC (every day carry) I want one I can depend on, so after looking around the net, I went with a name I trust, GERBER! And got myself a manual folding 06 knife which I feel is a great option over my ZT301. This will also allow me to carry a knife for carving and emergency tasks and I don't have to worry about the law, it's perfectly legal!

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