Stanley Outdoor Vacuum Bottle 1.0Qt Color Charcoal Review

Stanley Outdoor Vacuum Bottle 1.0Qt Color Charcoal ReviewFor most of my life our family has used Stanley products. One of the oldest memories I have is of my father going off to work with his lunch and Stanley thermos. I like to use mine in the fall and winter for hot drinks, hunting and camping or even on a long hike; it's great when it's cold out to have something warm and chocolaty to drink!

Stanley Outdoor Vacuum Bottle 1.0Qt Color Charcoal ReviewThe Stanley Outdoor Vacuum Bottle is one of the items I've been looking at for a long time to pick up. I have to admit, one of the first things that drew me to the product was the look: the forest green, orange and charcoal colors look so great together. That's what made me notice it, but what made me want one was reading about all its features. The thermoses you find with a lunch pail or ones you pay like 5 bucks for don't compare to this one! The cheap ones often have liners that will break if dropped, but the Outdoor Vacuum bottle is fully stainless steel. It's not going to break when dropped, and can take way more pounding than any other thermos.

Stanley Outdoor Vacuum Bottle 1.0Qt Color Charcoal ReviewThis bottle is also BPA free, so you don't have to worry about that, and it also has no coatings that will wear off over years of use and poison you! I have to say that Stanley keeps it wonderfully simple. Even though this bottle looks great, and seemingly has not much to it, look again!


Stanley Outdoor Vacuum Bottle 1.0Qt Color Charcoal ReviewFirst off, the cap of the bottle has a awesome hidden feature - when you remove the top you not only have a double walled cup, but you're also getting a second plastic cup inside (this was a big selling point for me). This gives you not just a cup to share, but if you're carrying soup, you have a second cup to use for water and I think this is just brilliant!


Stanley Outdoor Vacuum Bottle 1.0Qt Color Charcoal ReviewStanley Outdoor Vacuum Bottle 1.0QtThe second feature is the stopper or plug that goes into the bottle, and yes it works flawlessly with no leaks or anything, but also has an awesome hidden feature - you don't have to unscrew it all the way to pour your drink out! When you unscrew the cap slightly, it has small bevels on both sides, which allow the liquid to be poured out without spilling or splashing. This also helps to keep the heat or cold in limiting the amount lost each time you open the bottle! I know, maybe I'm just easily pleased, but for me when it comes to a product, it doesn't have to be uber-complicated; when the features are super useful and simple, that's when a product really shines!

Stanley Outdoor Vacuum Bottle 1.0Qt Color Charcoal ReviewThe thermal properties of stainless steel are far better than plastic and this container can keep your drinks cold or hot for up to 24 hours. A nice tip to keep in mind is that when you're filling the bottle, pre-fill it with hot water for about 5 minutes. This will make sure that whatever you put into the bottle will retain its heat longer! As most people know when you first put anything into a pot or bottle, it loses some of its heat when it comes in contact with the bottle, but doing this will ensure you don't lose any heat and it will give you better performance out of your thermos! Something you will notice over old models is the Outdoor series has no handle. This makes it easier to get into and out of a full pack as you don't get hung up and break the handle, and it's easily slipped out! This also makes it less bulky and cuts down on wasted room in your ruck!

Stanley Outdoor Vacuum Bottle 1.0Qt Color Charcoal ReviewPersonally I love the outdoor series from Stanley, it's a welcome addition for drinks on the trail. You can make up your breakfast in the morning and make extra coffee or hot chocolate that will last you all day!



Stanley Outdoor Vacuum Bottle 1.0Qt Color Charcoal ReviewSome guys have asked, isn't it heavier to pack around? Well yes but what I do is I wait until I get to my main camp site to make the hot chocolate. The only time I pack it full is when I'm out for the day snowshoeing or car camping! Also I've had some people tell me they've had problems with their thermos. I've had zero problems with mine and what I tell them is, you know Stanley has a lifetime guarantee so I'm sure if you're having a problem with their product and you just were unlucky to get a bad one, give them a call and I'm sure you will be taken care of. I know people who have and they were very pleased with the service!

The Stanley Outdoor series is a full line of products from cups to large thermoses like this one, and even ones that were made for lunch with a fold out spoon! Whatever your needs I think you will find one to fit and I encourage you to check them out!

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