Atlas 1235 Snow Shoes Color: Fire Review

Atlas 1235 Snow Shoes Color: Fire ReviewWe are reviewing two options for backwoods travel by snowshoe; this one is the Atlas 1235 Snowshoes. Atlas is a big name when it comes to snowshoes. They produce a wide number of models and sizes for all needs!



Atlas 1235 Snow Shoes Color: Fire ReviewSomething I want to point out first off is that when buying snowshoes, don't look at the size for your regular weight; rather, look at the size for what you will weigh on the trail. This is where 90% of new buyers make the mistake, they buy shoes which are too small then find when they are all packed up and on the trail, the snowshoes will not work as well, or can't support their weight!


Atlas 1235 Snow Shoes Color: Fire ReviewWhen I pick a pair of show shoes I want maximum float, and by that I mean I want to be able to walk on top of the snow even if I'm carrying a lot of weight. When it comes to bugging out, you never know what you will be carrying or when, so as a rule when I'm buying skis or snowshoes, I go for my weight plus 100 lb!


Atlas 1235 Snow Shoes Color: Fire ReviewThis will cover not just your weight but clothing you have on and just about any pack or equipment you will be lugging!

This is why I picked the Atlas 1235 Snowshoes to review, this model and size is weighted for 300+ so it will accommodate anything I need to carry into the backwoods! The Atlas 1235 Snowshoes come in other sizes like 1230 and so on, depending on what weight you need. The number refers to the weight so 1235 is Atlas max size for this model.

Atlas 1235 Snow Shoes Color: Fire ReviewNow getting into design, the Atlas 1235 Snowshoes is a lightweight snowshoe. I've compared this model to a few others, and the Atlas 1235 uses many features to keep weight down. One is the crampons, which are built into the bottom of the shoe. For those who don't know, a crampon is a claw-like sole, which is placed under the snowshoe to give you traction on ice and hard snow, and in my opinion this is a must with every pair! The gauge of stainless steel in the Atlas 1235 crampons is much lower then what we have found in others reviews we did. This makes the snowshoe lighter, but under hard use or if you use them for per-long periods on rocks you could bend them, but it would take a lot and with them being stainless steel this cuts down on rust!

Atlas 1235 Snow Shoes Color: Fire ReviewLike I've said before these are a lightweight snowshoe and Atlas has incorporated many features to make this shoe lighter weight, but keep in mind that if you plan on using these very heavily, you will find that with the lighter weight it will come as a trade-off to durability.



Atlas 1235 Snow Shoes Color: Fire ReviewNot that the Atlas 1235 are not a good snowshoe, because they are! If you're going to be using them 7 days a week somewhere like the Antarctic you may find them inadequate, but for most weekend users they would definitely do the trick!



Atlas 1235 Snow Shoes Color: Fire ReviewThe material used for the decking of the Atlas 1235's is a material called Duratek. It's a nylon coated with an almost rubber-like material to provide strength and durability while still being lighter weight. This material also helps to resist abrasions that would cut the decking. The 1235 model also comes with a heel lift bar, which is a must when climbing steep inclines as it helps to save your legs in the long run. The heel life bar works by folding up under your heel so that your foot is more level and this really helps when you're using them in an area where you're up and down hills all day. It really keeps you from getting pains in the backs of your legs from being stretched and pulled all day!

Atlas 1235 Snow Shoes Color: Fire ReviewThe binding of the Atlas 1235's is what they call the Wrap p â„¢ Pro, where the straps are wrapped around the foot and held in place by a ratcheting buckle. The straps themselves are made from silicon and are free-floating, which makes them easy to get off and on! The buckles and strap are two things I found that could cause you problems in the backwoods Should you be around a lot of brush or tree branches you could get hung up because they are designed to be easy to take off and both buckles are linked by one loop and so are the straps. This gives you two points with loops, open to being snagged by passing trees!

The frames in the Atlas 1235 are 7075 aluminum and in the toe they have a oval like design which I've not see before but I do like it! The frames are very strong and I've had no problem with them in any way!

SLS is the spring loadedâ„¢ Suspension system that Atlas has developed. How this works is the whole binding is suspended by a very heavy duty strap that flexes like an elastic allowing your foot to flex side to side and also absorbs impact, saving your legs and knees. I have to point out something I've thought about, because this strap is plastic or elastic in nature. I was wondering, what if over time it starts to lose its ability to work properly or because of heavy use, it breaks down? This strap looks very heavy duty, and both mounts and straps don't give me any indication of failing and on testing worked great. I would like to see how they hold up after about 5 years of use - when it comes to things like this, I have to think long term, and will it hold up, but I think only time will tell!

Lastly I want to talk about weight. I've pointed it out many times in this review and I wanted to say this: the features in the Atlas 1235 are lighter and may not hold up if you abuse them over a long period or you're just hard on gear, but at a savings of over 4 lb compared to comparable snowshoes, this is a lot of weight savings, and should be considered when buying and comparing to your needs and uses!

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