GERBER LHR Fighting Knife Review

GERBER LHR Fighting Knife ReviewThe LHR is one knife I have been looking forward to review for awhile now; and this fighter has some features that are revolutionary in design. The first feature is the amazing sheath that GERBER has developed. They have made some very cool advancements to sheath design where there are very few these days.


GERBER LHR Fighting Knife ReviewThe kydex used in this sheath is coated with a rubberized coating which nearly eliminates that plastic sound you get with other sheaths made of Kydex when your buckles or gear is slapping around.




GERBER LHR Fighting Knife ReviewThe next feature is the locking mechanism this thumb release that they have developed makes it nearly impossible for anyone to access your knife but you. The layout is designed so that only the wearer can get their thumb into the slot to release the knife making it far safer in a fight ensuring that your knife can't be taken and used against you!



GERBER LHR Fighting Knife ReviewThe sheath also has a full system for mounting when you buy it you get everything you will need, like a fully adjustable drop leg strap, thigh strap plus on the back of the sheath you will find MOLLE strapping with snaps so it can be mounted to any Tactical vest, pack or load carrying system.



GERBER LHR Fighting Knife ReviewThis knife came about when GERBER wanted to design a new combat knife and enlisted the help of Matt Larsen a CQB expert and two of the top knife makers out their William W. Harsey Jr and Chris Reeve together they have designed what I think is one of if not the top knife in GERBER's line!



GERBER LHR Fighting Knife ReviewThe knife is also held in place by a heavy duty elastic strap with one snap. So there's no need to adjust this system all the time its heavy enough to hold the knife very securely and will not loosen up over time very easily, not that it's even needed with this sheath when the thumb lock hold the knife 100% with no movement.



GERBER LHR Fighting Knife ReviewThe blade of GERBER's LHR is a ceramic coated drop point that has been partially serrated and this is where I lucked out, not being a very big fan of serration when this knife arrived it only had 5 small serrations that allowed me to cut even if the knife was dull but it also kept the serration small and out of the way. This is not the case with all of them some come with the serration that are about 2 inches but this one was about one inch so that made me very happy! The tip of the blade has a false clip point which allows for better penetration but can be sharpen to give you a better fighter if you should feel the need to. The GERBER LHR is no small thin blade it is a full tang 420c, 11.2 oz with a blade thickness 6 mm and overall length of 12.5" giving you not just a strong and durable blade but also gives you the reach you need when fighting.

GERBER LHR Fighting Knife ReviewThey have taking the best approach I have seen to a fighter giving you a large finger guard but they have done away with any large guard on the back side of the knife like the Trident has. I feel this is the best setup for a fighter you can get, giving you full range of mobility both in standard grip and reverse grip, well done GERBER!



GERBER LHR Fighting Knife ReviewThe Handel of the LHR is made for GERBER's Tachide which has been textured giving you a very grippe and strong handle that is not easily damaged and will give you years of grip even when wet. Also this handle is made up of two slabs one on each site and are easily removable with a tool giving you're the ability to clean the knives easily if you should get salt water or other materials stuck in it. At the end of the full tang you will find a claw like pummel with lanyard hole.

GERBER LHR Fighting Knife ReviewI have review a number of GERBER's knives and I can say with total confidence that this is my favorite to date, works just as well as a fighter as it does if you're using it as a survival knife, batoning with it and cutting tasks are a joy and you really feel that you can trust this knife because its sturdy enough to hold up to even the worse you can throw at it and is without question one of my top picks!


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